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Pension Savings in the UK: Who’s the Best At It?

Working the job you love, especially one that gives you the  freedom to do it anywhere and anytime is a great joy. However, I believe you must never forget about planning for the future. Pension savings definitely are one of those matters that should stay on top of that ‘future planning’ list.

A fantastic infographic from True Potential Investor, which you can see below, shows us the people of the UK who are the best and worst in their savings. I suggest studying it closely and using it for both your own savings planning and business ideas.

On one hand, you get to see where pension savings strategies are most effective and learn from people there. On the other, if your business somehow deals with pension planning, you’ll see where your services are needed most.

Never forget, there’s business opportunity in everything. You just need to look for it and apply some creative thinking to any situation.