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Recruitment Bodies to Join

Joining a recruitment body is certainly recommended if you operate in this industry. Here are two options…

Advantages of Becoming a Member of Recruitment Body REC Recruitment

As an employee or an employer it is essential that you embrace the industry in which you operate in. You should always be looking for ways to absorb advice, interact with other industry members and learn more about the industry in question. Professional bodies provide you with the best way to do this.

If you own a recruitment agency, work in a recruitment based business, are involved in HR, for example, a payroll vendor, or are involved in the field via any other means, then one professional body at your disposal is REC. REC stands for the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and it provides a basis for the whole industry. Their member base is ever growing as more and more people in the UK seek to take advantage of what they have to offer.

So what are the advantages of becoming a member of a professional body such as REC Recruitment? The first benefit is that you will have somewhere to turn in order to outline the basis practises of the recruitment industry and thus the rules you should abide by. Every sector has industry standards and these are essential for the reputation of your agency or business.

In addition to this, you will be able to be part of a budding community of recruitment individuals. Information shared is information gained, and you can build up relationships with individuals. The bigger your contact book is the better. You can build up solid contacts, you can enhance your knowledge, you can share ideas and you can gather advice. This is the best way for businesses to move forward.

And finally, you can also enhance your skills and your business’s accreditations by taking part in certain training options. There is always room to growth as a business and within an industry. The recruitment world is something which is growing and this is because of several reasons – the increase in the number of people looking for jobs, the boom of the internet and so on and so forth. REC can give you the aid to move forward and embrace the changing conditions.

All in all, if this is your field of expertise then you should look a little bit deeper into REC Recruitment and see what the professional body can offer you.

All You Need to Know About the Professional Recruitment Body APSCo

ASPCo is a professional body whose job is to represent recruitment organisations. The term is a shortened version for the ‘Association of Professional Staffing Companies’. This article aims to give those involved in the recruitment industry a helping hand by revealing pivotal information about the body in order to give people a great insight into APSCO’s purpose.

The professional association covers a vast range of interests. It is helpful for organisations, such as recruitment agencies, who seek individuals for companies and clients. The body is also flexible in the sense that it covers those who seek people on a permanent basis as well as those needed on a temporary basis.

All in all, in general it covers the majority of employers as well as candidates. However, to give a greater insight, the industries incorporated are as follows; accountancy, finance, interim, purchasing, property, IT, executive assistants, graduates, legal, telecommunications, engineering, multilingual, human resources, insurance, media, marketing, scientific and sales.

There are lots of benefits associated with becoming a member of ASPCo. The association can provide recruitment organisations with a wealth of information. The depth of research one can be provided with is highly beneficial in itself. Not only this, but they can aid in the areas of specialist forums, public relations, networking and pivotal business information.

The body is not only limited to staff and organisations based in the United Kingdom. It is a European body and thus covers any business based in Europe. It is worth being aware that there is a yearly fee charged for those who wish to join the professional staffing association. These fees run from the first of January and thus if a company was to join in the middle of the year they would have their charges calculated on a pro-rata basis.

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