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Where to Start up Your Startup

If you’re on the hunt for a startup office space, then there are a number of factors to consider. While many successful startups ‘started-up’ in parents basements or garages, today these cool, hip, companies need to attract the right talent and clients and work in an environment which reflects the business and the culture of the company.

Wherever you choose, make sure it’s future-proof, cost-effective and good for team morale, as well as accurately reflecting your brand image.

Location Location Location

Where is your new office space situated? Is it easy for clients to find? Is there parking? Is it accessible? Will you space stand out in potential client’s minds for the right reasons? Take your time when deciding where to go and view commercial properties to let so you can see all your options. Choose somewhere with attractive surroundings and somewhere which has a lot of natural light. Thinking about employee retention, choose somewhere that employees can commute to easily – otherwise they may decide to seek out a job closer to home.

What Is Your Budget?

Like most startups, you probably don’t have the budget for a huge physical office space, however there are many simple and effective methods you can use to make the most of the limited space that you have. Installing lockers and shelving bays are great storage solutions. Hot desking and flexible working hours are also useful if you don’t have to have the whole team in at once. The most important thing is to make sure your staff are comfortable and also choose somewhere which can be adapted should your business grow as you’ll want to be able to accommodate a larger team. Make sure that moving forward in terms of acquiring the office space you want doesn’t actually slow your business’s growth in other areas, due to the price tag attached. Consider any hidden costs that may be attached to your new office space, such as parking, internet access or any other bills that could sneak up on you.

What Is the Company Culture?

Your new startup office space will ultimately show visitors to the office who and what your company is about. Your office should have the necessary space to accommodate breaks and any relevant team activities, while also creating a positive lasting impression with any clients who pay you a visit. Appearances may not be everything but, in the world of business, they often count for something.

Is Your Office Accessible?

From nearby amenities to fast and affordable internet, it’s important to pay due consideration to what you’ll have access to at your new startup office space. Your employees will need access to any basic facilities, are there any parking spaces? Will you need your office to be wheelchair accessible for the benefit of either your team or any visitors?

There’s a lot to think about, but ultimately if some of the best companies started up in someone’s garage then you should be alright.

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