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Here’s Why You Should Quit Your Job Today

Quitting your job is almost seen as taboo. You work so hard to actually find a post and get hired by someone, so why would you throw it all away? For the most part, you shouldn’t. Most jobs are good jobs in the sense that you learn things from them, gain lots of experience, and pocket some cash as well. But, certain jobs are just bad, and you should quit them.

I’m not talking about any specific roles, it’s more to do with the circumstances surrounding your job. Bearing that in mind, there are a few signs you should be on the lookout for that tell you your job is not worth sticking with. As such, you should quit it today!

So, here’s everything that tells you you’re in a really bad job:

Dangerous Working Conditions

Working conditions often get overlooked by employees. I’m sure loads of you have had jobs where things aren’t that great. Maybe you worked in an office with terrible computers and furniture, or you spent time in a warehouse where it was always dark and stank of damp. Both of these examples show that modern working conditions can be pretty average at best. But, the real issue comes when you’re put in danger.

I’m talking about working conditions that are potentially hazardous to your health and wellbeing. For example, an office with asbestos in the ceiling that makes you seriously ill. Or, a workplace with loads of open wires that present a high risk of you being shocked. If people are frequently injured or off-sick, then it’s a good indication your workplace is dangerous.

The fact is, you shouldn’t work somewhere that could hurt you in any way, shape, or form. So, quit your job today if the working conditions are hazardous. There are law firms that help people with workers compensation claims, and you should definitely consider this if you’ve been hurt or sick thanks to work. Take all the money you can from them, then find a better job. Dangerous working conditions are no joke, and they’re not something you should have to put up with. Especially when there are better options out there!

Lack of Benefits

It’s genuinely a little bit worrying how many of us grow up not knowing about employee benefits. I can tell you now that I had no clue about any benefits when I first started looking for work. In the early stages of your career, all you care about is a salary. You want to finally make money, so you no longer have to depend on your parents. But, unless you’re a freelancer, you’re entitled to an employee benefits package when you work for a company.

This includes basic things like annual leave, paid sick leave, and things of that ilk. You know, little things here and there that ensure you actually do get paid if you can’t work, rather than just missing a paycheck. Every company should offer you a basic benefits package including things like this. Then, you have loads of extras they choose to add on – such as a pension plan, healthcare, etc. The whole aim of this is to show employees that they’re valued and cared for, which helps keep them at the company.

Consequently, if you notice a significant lack of benefits from your employer, then you should quit today. You’re basically being taken advantage of as they’re not investing money back into you. They don’t care about you as an employee, or else they’d make an effort. A weak benefits package is enough to make some people leave and find a better job. But, a totally non-existent one is completely and utterly out of order. If you’re a full-time, contracted employee, and don’t get any annual leave or sick pay, then quit your job today.

Toxic Work Environment

We’ve discussed the physical working conditions, but what about the environment at work? When you have a good job, you’re happy with how things go at work. Everyone gets along, and there’s a positive environment that encourages productivity. It helps you develop as a person, form working relationships, and move ahead in your career.

But, what happens if you’re in a toxic work environment? First of all, what the hell is this? For me, it’s any job where the people around you are spouting negativity and toxicity in some way. It could be that they’re bullying you (or your coworkers), making derogatory remarks, being racist, or just generally being disgusting people. It creates an environment where you almost feel trapped and helpless. You dread going to work, and the toxicity poisons you to the point where you start feeling really down and negative. As a result, you struggle to grow as a person, you can’t get work done, and you don’t even want to go to work.

A toxic work environment can hold back your career for years if you’re not careful. What’s more, it can also be emotionally damaging to you as well. If your coworkers are racially abusing you, sexually harassing you, or just making you uncomfortable, then it messes with your mind. Like I said, you feel trapped because you need the job to survive, but the environment is just so toxic. Well, no more. If this sounds like your job, then quit right now. Get the help you need to ensure you’re never bothered by the toxicity again and find a new job.

Hopefully, you’re all reading this thinking it’s utterly irrelevant to you. In an ideal world, you’ll all have jobs that are satisfactory and help your career. However, let’s not be naive. The reality is that a fair few of you will probably realize that one of these things hits a little too close to home. If so, then quit your job. It’s not a tactic you should do whenever things don’t go your way at work, or if you want to earn more money, but it is something you need to do when any of these three things are present.

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