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3 Quick Ways to Make and Save More Money

So you have looked over your finances for this month and had a small nervous breakdown? When unexpected expenses and a sudden dip in income takes you by surprise, it’s really helpful to have a few thrifty tips ready at hand.

Not just the kind of advice that tells you to cook at home or walk more, though, as you will need some quick money-making tips to get it back on track when your financial future looks gloomier than ever.

Here is a handful of great ways to boost your income without having to take up a second job, so that you can calm your nerves and lull your piggy bank back to sleep.

#1: Have a Yard Sale

Do you remember back when we were young a careless, and how fast that cash could accumulate when we needed them the most? First gathering the few dollars we had saved up, before heading over to our sibling’s room to hunt for more – and before we knew it, we had gathered enough money to satisfy our sweet-tooth.

Although you’d probably get kicked out of your sibling’s house rather fast if you showed up there looking for money today, you can keep the same mindset in case of emergency. Money can accumulate rather fast when it’s called for, so go through your garage and host a yard sale. Advertise it on Craigslist, serve up some hot chocolate for the neighbors, and watch how people are actually willing to pay for those gifts from your mother-in-law.

#2: Invest in the Stock Market

So many people before you have felt intimidated by the stock market and chosen to put their hard-earned money in a low-yield savings account instead. This is definitely not necessary and especially not when stock market investments can be quite safe.

This means that you need to make the kind of choices that are bit lower risk and gives a bit less money – but, over time, this can grow to become something much bigger. Go for a passive index fund, for example, and let the money sit there for as long as possible. Have a look at this site to read all about the benefits of opening an ib account as well, though, to get even more out of your investments.

#3: Shop in Bulk

Investments are one thing but you still need to find ways to save a bit more money at home. To do grocery shopping in bulk has gotten a bad rep lately due to the amount of food we end up wasting. We can definitely afford not to throw away as much food as we do, but you can continue to shop in bulk. Just freeze what you’re not going to use this week and ignore the expiration dates slightly.

It doesn’t mean that you have to eat bad food, you should just use your nose and eyes rather than following the ‘use by’ date; it’s a trick.

Humans are perfectly able to determine when food is off; a sour smell, a dull look, and slimy texture are all warning lights for when it’s time to throw it out. If the date says it expired two days ago, but the smell is still fresh, you can safely cook it. It just makes it a bit easier to save more money, in the long run.

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