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Best Apps for Managing Your Money

It always sounds easier than it is – managing your money; we know what we’re supposed to do, but somehow getting it done can be elusive. So, here’s how to finally get your accounts well organized. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a financial genius like Cameron Poetzscher thanks to several smart Android money apps you can use.

Here are some of the best money management apps to help you; everything from organizing your expenses and income to helping you with specific tasks like calculating taxes or knowing how much you spend on your mobile rate or apps.


Google gave Fintonic the award for best finance application in the Start Ups Mobile Innovation Awards in 2015. So, what does this app do? It simply helps you take control over your expenses, your income, and most importantly, on what you spend your money.

Once installed, all you have to do is enter your bank accounts, and tell the app the transactions you want to register. The app will then organize your expenses, notify you of transactions and, in short, ensure that you have a clear conscience knowing if you can afford an expense or not.


This app is quite similar to the previous one, and is able to help you manage how much you spend on a particular day, or in a month. But besides that, it has the curious function of allowing you to photograph the articles you buy, so that the relevant annotation can add a much more visual memory prompt.

However, the indication of changes in your bank accounts or cards, or timely reports at the end of each month are not the only tools in this app. To keep you loyal, you also have a coupon system and offers with which you can stretch your budget a bit more.


With 20 million users, Mint has been positioned for several years as one of the best alternatives to manage your money. It is complete; it has reminders so that you don’t forget future payments and you can even make indicative budgets.

With an interface that fits perfectly with tablets, it also automatically tracks your expenses and shows you in clear graphics where your money goes. You can target economic goals, and it lets you know how your accounts are, even when you’re offline.


The application is very intuitive and allows you to record your expenses quickly by adding categories. Later these will be shown in graphs. The app will also allow you to schedule periodic reports, make budgets and even backups. You can use it on your multiple Android devices by synchronizing your data with Dropbox.

Isn’t it time you finally got on top of managing your money?