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The Benefits of Recycled Polyester

Since the 19th century, the environmental movement has begun. Throughout the years, especially in more recent years, the public has been made aware of the dangers and chaos the human race inflicts on the environment and mother nature. But, unfortunately, few have listened to the cries of nature. Still, thanks to whose few improvements have been made, more people, companies, and communities are trying to do their best to help our only green and blue planet.

Have you wondered what happens to the plastic bottles, papers, and glass we throw into allocated recycled bins? Those items are collected and taken to Rockywoods where the most magical and fantastic works are being done!

Those bottles and materials are put through a mechanical or chemical process to recycle into recycled Polyester! Yes, recycled Polyester!

Our air and water get highly polluted through the virgin polyester production process as the production is generally discharged without any treatment. Thus, leading to significant water contamination. In addition, because of nearby water streams and winds, communities near and far from the manufacturing plants are at risk.

Recycled Polyester does not pose a significant threat to our environment as the material is made from recycled goods such as water bottles etc.

Two Types of Processes Achieve Recycled Polyester

#1: Mechanical Process

The mechanical process uses water from plastic bottles, which turns the material into polyester chips. After that, the polyester chips are passed through a traditional fiber manufacturing process, resulting in excellent recycled polyester material used to make clothes and other items.

#2: Chemical Process

The chemical process is a somewhat shorter process that focuses primarily on existing Polyester items of clothing. First, the clothes are shredded into small pieces, spun into brand new polyester yarn, and woven into beautiful fabrics.

Benefits of Recycled Polyester

Prolonged Clothing Quality

As recycled Polyester helps reduce oil extraction, it lengthens the life cycle of clothing items. In addition, it reduces energy consumption more than traditional methods.

Helping the Environment

The environmental impact of countless clothing waste is significantly reduced as the recycling process can be repeated instead of disposing of clothing items unnecessarily.

All recycled fabrics help prevent animal cruelty and the use of unsustainable resources that will inevitably run dry someday. Recycled Polyester and other recycled materials also promote high-quality clothing items for everyday life and the outdoors.

Making fabrics and materials of recycled Polyester from water bottles and other waste items means that less garbage ends up in our oceans and the landfills.

The beauty of recycled Polyester is that it does not require new oils to make and create. Thus, using recycled Polyester will ultimately reduce the demand for new oil extraction.

In Conclusion

We only have one planet and only have one job to protect our planet and mother nature’s animals. You can help make a massive difference in the world for yourself, your children, and future generations. Start today and do your part by using recycled Polyester and materials instead of those who damage our earth and our life.

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