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What Should You Clarify With a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Miami?

You looked out for treatment from a medical expert but instead were subjected to neglect. Perhaps it happened during a routine operation or a surgery. Maybe you were given too much or too little medicine, or your illness got misdiagnosed and managed incorrectly. You’ve chosen to call a Miami medical malpractice lawyer to determine whether you can claim for whatever harm you’ve experienced, but do you know what questions to ask at your initial meeting?

Here are some top questions which you should be asking your lawyer and get answers to them.

What Are Your Credentials, Expertise, and Track Record in Dealing With Previous Medical Malpractice Cases?

Top medical malpractice attorneys will have years of expertise and a track record of success to back up their claims. While there is no guarantee that an experienced medical malpractice attorney will win your case, an experienced attorney will know the best techniques and approaches to ensure your case’s success.

Do You Have the Financial Means to Take the Case to Trial?

Investigation and trial costs are high in medical negligence lawsuits in Miami, Florida. Lawyers get compensated if you win or settle your case. If your case needs to go to trial, you’ll want a company with the financial means to meet hefty upfront fees.

In This Case, Who Will Be My Lawyer and Representative?

Frequently, the attorney you speak with is not the one who handles your case. Check to see who is in charge of your case and whether or not they are competent to handle malpractice claims.

What Kind of Experience Do You Have With Cases That Go to Trial?

If your matter gets to trial, an attorney with extensive trial experience will be familiar with the ins and outs of the courtroom. Some lawyers enjoy conducting research but dread representing their clients in court. An attorney with extensive trial experience will be the most beneficial to your case in the long run.

Does the Company Use Expert Witnesses Who Are Well Qualified?

An expert witness’ evidence can make the difference between winning and losing a malpractice lawsuit. Ensure that the business you employ has the knowledge and resources to locate expert witnesses with the excellent credentials needed to win your case.


Do thorough research before choosing a lawyer, as your decision can make or break your case.

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