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COVID-19 and Social Community Actions

As a business, dealing with crises can be a make or break experience. The current pandemic situation caused by the global coronavirus spread and outbreak has forced many individuals to react in an elevated state of panic.

As a business owner, you have a duty to help your customers, especially the most vulnerable. As the trends for panic shopping show no sign of slowing down – understandably so as more and more people self-isolate –, it’s the opportunity for your company to go above and beyond standard customer service to deliver outstanding customer care. You can stay connected to your customers and audience during the crisis to help them manage the situation.

As a business owner, it is your duty to the community to help those who need it most. In times of need, there is no room for selfish and self-interested behaviors. You can be part of the healing process for your community. Using good customer service as the underlying rule for every one of your decisions, here is a brief overview of what every entrepreneur can do.

Organize Home Deliveries for Senior Citizens

In case you’ve missed it, you may want to check the Don’t Be A Spreader video released by Max Brooks, Mel Brooks’s son, that emphasizes the risks that COVID-19 represents for the elderly population. Seniors and those with weak immune systems are more vulnerable to the virus and can experience dramatic consequences as a result of catching it. Small grocery stores, pharmacies, and other indispensable shops can work together to organize home deliveries for their most vulnerable customers. By combining forces, you could set up a delivery service, using a truck and a spreadsheet to get things done. Don’t forget to invest in maintenance equipment, such as CITGO Lubricants for the engine, as your driver will be spending a lot of time on the road making deliveries day after day. It’s also the perfect opportunity to check on elderly customers and ensure they stay safe.

Go Virtual to Replace Face-To-Face

As a lot of live and public events are canceled, there are plenty of opportunities for businesses to build a virtual presence. For companies that need to stay active, online events have become a popular solution. But you can also, as a business, reach out to your most isolated customers to create live chat shows, webinars, tutorials, or simply offer a comforting presence. Seniors, especially, can find it helpful to have an interlocutor who is available at the push of a button.

Spread Scientific Facts and Kindness to Reassure Customers

Fear can affect people’s decisions. Even as a small grocery store, you can reach out to your customers to help them stay informed and soothe their worries. If you are planning deliveries, why not join a small newsletter that lets everybody know about how the situation is affecting the community. You can use it as a platform to share advice and encourage people to stay safe. Additionally, why not pack a bar of soap with each home delivery to get the message across?

We are facing a grave health crisis that affects the whole world. But if everyone understands the risks and the options available, people can work together to stop COVID-19 from spreading. Small business owners can join forces to build a support unit for their customers, planning deliveries, tips, and online help for all. Every little help can make a big difference in the long term.

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