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3 Easy Steps to Save Money as a Parent

Though fulfilling, it is undeniable that raising a child can be expensive. From diapers to after-school programs, summer camps to college funds, when raising kids it is always worth keeping in mind ways in which you can save some money. This is especially true during the current cost of living crisis, with an estimate of a $17,000 cost per year for a single child set to rise in the future. In these difficult economic circumstances it will be worthwhile to think of how you can save some money, here are 3 ways to get you started:

Cook at Home More Often

Although we all love a takeaway and hate the difficulty of cooking meals while looking after children, consistently eating out and ordering food can quickly drain your bank account. With the average American making nearly 55 food orders a year spending almost $2000 it is easy to see how ordering food can become noticeably expensive. So roll up your sleeves, get cooking and try to look after your kids while doing so. Maybe even try to get your kids involved in the cooking process. There’s nothing like the smell of homemade macaroni and cheese to transport you back to your own.

Shop for Sale Items

When shopping for clothes for kids under the age of ten especially it may be worth looking for sale and second hand items. Buying expensive clothes for kids at a young age is always a risk financially, often they will grow out of their clothes quickly forcing you to fork out some more money on a bigger outfit. Sale and second hand items allow you to get a bang for your buck when buying clothes for your children, even if they grow out of them quickly. Though it will take a little more time finding nicer clothes when searching for second hand options there is still room to dress your child smartly and cheaply.

Have a Yard Sale

If you do like to dress your child in expensive clothes, don’t let the clothes go to waste once your son or daughter grows out of them. Instead, have a yard sale and sell on what is no longer of use from your children’s old clothes, toys and other miscellaneous items, it is a good idea to sell the things you no longer use in order to gain a little extra cash. Maybe it would be a good idea to clean out your own closet and get rid of those items of clothing that you are keeping hold of that you no longer wear. Yard sales are often a great way to build relationships in the nearby community. Remember when selling your items for a little cheaper than usual at a yard sale, you are not only helping yourself, you are also helping people in similar situations to you.


In these times where the price of everything seems to be rising it is worth considering the different ways you can save money to live more comfortably and put money away for the inevitable rainy day. Whether you are trying to take the best care of your newborn, a toddler or a child with special needs it is always helpful to be mindful of your financial situation. On a side note if you are a parent of a child with special needs, it may be worth considering if your child’s disability is a result of a birth injury. If you do suspect any malpractice it may be a good idea to book a free legal review with erb’s palsy attorneys for some peace of mind.

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