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Foam Insulation for Your Home

Foam insulation is becoming more and more popular. If you don’t have an effective insulation solution in place there are many ways you could be suffering. Are you growing frustrated with costly utility bills? Unfortunately, this is something a lot of us are familiar with. The cost of gas and electricity seems to be rising by the day. But, what else are you supposed to do? Sit and freeze? It seems an impossible situation.

Perhaps you are experiencing a lot more allergies than usually? This can happen because of airborne pollutants, allergens and dangerous mould. A lot of people think that insulation is imperative for the sheer purpose of keeping warm in the home. But there are many more reasons why you need to choose an insulation company and service with a great amount of care. This is especially the case when you consider the fact that you and your family’s health comes into consideration.

Once you start to take a look online you will see that you have many different insulation methods to choose from. This includes wood and wood-based products, sheep’s wool, cotton, polystyrene, paper and much, much more. Nevertheless, spray foam insulation is definitely one of the better options to consider, as you will discover in this post. Keeping that in mind, continue reading to discover everything you need to know about this insulation method.

Spray Foam Insulation Is a Good Method for Eco-Friendly Insulation

Before you can understand the reasons why foam insulation is an advisable option for those seeking eco-friendly insulation, it is first imperative to explain how this insulating method works. Essentially, water and polyurethane foam are mixed together, and the solution is then sprayed onto walls or into small places that are difficult to reach. Once the foam mixes with the oxygen from the air it dries, hardens and expands.

Now you know how spray foam works, so let’s take a look at one of the key benefits associated with this solution. It is often considered one of the best methods for eco-friendly insulation. This is because it is one of the most effective insulation methods that are available on the market nowadays. This gives you the platform to operate as energy efficiently as possible. If your house is reinsulated with spray foam you can expect to see energy savings of up to 40 per cent, and sometimes even more! We all know how important it is to operate energy efficiently nowadays. Not only in terms of saving money, but of course in terms of looking after our planet. With an effective solution like this one, you can be confident that you are doing your bit. The foam itself can be made from a variation of products, with some indeed being more environmentally friendly than others.

Information on Spray Foam Loft Insulation

Were you aware that we lose approximately 15 to 25 per cent of heat from our homes through the roof? This is because heat rises and as a consequence it usually accumulates in loft areas. This is why loft insulation is so important. You will improve the EPC rating of your home and you can expect massive savings on your energy bill, especially if you currently have 25 mm or less of insulation.

But, why spray foam loft insulation specifically? There are many benefits. One important factor is that spray foam adheres well to under-felt and even roof tiles. It can also be applied quickly and will not take up much room in your loft, which is especially important if you actually use your loft space as an extra room. If you were to go for another method, such as rock wool, you would be at a distinct disadvantage because it needs to be very thick in order to insulate effectively. You won’t experience this issue with spray foam. Have you recently converted your loft? This is something you needn’t worry about, as spray foam can easily be applied between the roof rafters. Moreover, spray foam loft insulation can even help with tile slippage and nail corrosion, as it creates a stable and waterproof structure when the foam is sprayed onto the underside of the battens and tiles. It is not difficult to see why this is the preferred choice over the other loft insulation methods that are available.

Have You Considered Spray Foam Tank Insulation?

You may be interested to know that the benefits of foam insulation extend beyond the obvious. Whilst our main concern may be loft and wall insulation, you could also benefit from spray foam tank insulation. Your hot large water tanks and cylinders will retain heat for much longer if they are insulated and spray foam tank insulation is one of the best ways to go about it. In the past, spray foam was only used for cold storage and exterior insulation, but it has progressed extensively since its first commercial application in the 1960s. Now it is an extremely popular choice for storage tanks and water pipes.

There are many benefits. Not only does it offer a superior level of insulation, but also minimal thickness is required and the application is easier and more efficient as well. The versatility of spray foam shows just how useful and effective it is as an insulating material.

Therefore, no matter whether you require this method of insulation for your walls, water pipes or something different, this is an option to consider.

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