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Looking to get your team on the road? If you run a business where meeting clients face-to-face is essential you might be looking at the best way to get your team mobile. Will they use their own cars and claim mileage, will you have your own fleet of vehicles? While it might seem a logistical challenge of its own, we can help.

In this short guide, we’ll show you some options and help you come up with a practical business model for your individual circumstances.

Paying Mileage

There are advantages to reimbursing driver/owners and here are some of them: your liability for their insurance cover finishes when they clock off for the day, making it much cheaper for you if they are involved in an accident outside office hours.

They also have the choice of which type of car they drive depending on their personal circumstances, for example an employee with children would probably opt to drive a car with more passenger and luggage space.

You don’t have any initial capital to pay out on buying vehicles which means your team will be straight on the road with very little administration and cost to start with.

But there are also challenges and the payment of mileage is the greatest one. You may operate a cent-per-mile scheme and this can be challenging as they tend to over pay some drivers and under pay others depending on how many miles they clock up each month. The best way to tackle this is to offer a gas card that acts as a credit card with the bill sent straight to your company each month. If you’re looking for more accuracy, however and prefer your drivers to be more detailed then opt for a fixed and variable rate program that takes into account personal details such as make of car and so on.

Running a Fleet

This option goes a long way in giving you more control if you are willing to lay down some initial capital. You will be able to brand your vehicles and choose energy efficient models, rather than your employee’s gas guzzling hummer.

You’ll also have access to a whole network of backup from the company you lease your vehicles from, including fleet accident management and repairs – meaning you’ll never have a team member off the road.

You will be able to bring in specialist vehicles alongside saloons, such as trucks, for employees who regularly transport larger goods and save a lot on wear and tear of their own vehicles, which you might otherwise end up being liable for.

If you have the capital, then investing in a fleet makes sense. It gives you more control, access to newer, more reliable vehicles and the support and back up you need to make sure your team is always ready to roll.

The paperwork is easier, the line between home and work is less blurred and your branding will travel across the country far and wide. Look today at some fleet options and get your business on the road.

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