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A Home Buying Guide for the Newbies

Buying a new apartment from a contractor is a long, complex and expensive process, involving complicated and branching bureaucracy. This is one of the most significant transactions in a person’s life, since the buyer invests the best and most of their money in purchasing a property and even usually takes long-term bank financing.

You must be aware of where you want to buy and the type of property. Have you considered manufactured housing?

Before making an apartment purchase transaction, in-depth inspections must be carried out that will enable a safe and successful purchase. For those with financial ability, it is even better to hire the services of a private lawyer, who will ensure the security and interest of the buyer at all stages of the transaction, and will carry out meticulous checks of the terms and clauses of the contract. Ensuring that the correct inspections are carried out before the purchase and signing the contract with the contractor is a fundamental condition for the success of the transaction.

First Stage – Inspections and Highlights Before Signing a Contract

It is recommended to carry out preliminary tests regarding the reliability and stability of the property, developer and/or construction company. Independent research and the assistance of a lawyer can be conducted to examine the contractor’s historical, business and legal background. A simple search of the contractor’s name on Google will make it possible to check whether there are any lawsuits or complaints against him, in addition to various records and data about their business activity. It is advisable to find out about the financial situation of the contractor way in advance. You can hire the services of a background check company, which produces for the customer a detailed and comprehensive report on the contractor’s condition, for the purpose of assessing the buyer’s level of risk in contracting with them; therefore knowledge is power in this case.

It is advisable to try to question the tenants and previous owners of the house you are buying, if it applies, to ensure that the area and home is as you should wish. Of course also, you will certainly be well aware of any issues with the home such as subsidence or damp.

Location Is Key

Most of the new apartments are built in the suburbs, or in developing areas. Meaning: The transport, social (e.g., cultural institutions), educational (e.g., schools and kindergartens) and economic infrastructure (e.g., shopping centers) do not yet exist, or are in the process of being established. On the other hand, developing areas attract a young population and the environmental development is relatively fast and encompasses many services.

The new home may be part of a construction project of several new buildings at the same time. Meaning: Until the construction process is completed in full, damage to the quality of life is expected: noise, dirt and lack of infrastructure. In essence and to conclude this article, you should be aware of all the implications of buying, be aware of budget, the safety of the house and this way, you can create an incredible home.

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