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  • Jun. 05
  • Richard Parker

How to Increase Your Chances of a Pay Raise/Promotion

There are many reasons why people demand a pay raise, but the most common is when they feel they have been in a position for too long. If this sounds like your reason, you’re most likely thinking of how to talk to your supervisor or employers about a raise. You could equally be looking into getting another offer, but before you do any of these, here are five tips to help increase your chances of a pay raise.

Set a Goal and Deadline

For a lot of employees, asking for a pay raise can be scary and because they want to avoid confrontation, they keep postponing the talk. Postponing the conversation is not the best route to take, especially if it is something you really want. The best way to boost your confidence will be to discern what you believe will make you worthy of the pay rise, turn them into goals by setting out ways to achieve them. Then, finally attach a date to the execution as well as the conversation.

Make Yourself Indispensable

The fact that you want to ask for a pay raise probably means you are already doing a good job. But don’t just do a good job, do a great job, and meet all your project goals. What’s more, you can make yourself indispensable to your employers by volunteering to take up more responsibility. When you are given tasks, make sure you go above and beyond in completing them. This shows your employer that you are an asset and they wouldn’t want to lose you.

Volunteer to Be a Mentor

Mentoring is basically a relationship where one person is usually more experienced or knowledgeable, guides, and coaches the other person who is less experienced. If your organization has mentorship programs, consider taking up the role of a mentor.

Being a mentor does not only show that you are willing to teach and help others grow, but it also helps enhance your CV. In the long run, it will improve your confidence and motivation to do more.

Learn New Skills

Make yourself a more desirable asset by learning new skills. To this effect, you can take up a new graduate degree that fits perfectly into what your organization does. Learning a new skill or gaining a new degree highlights your desire to learn as well as your dedication to growth. These are desirable qualities companies often look out for in their employees.

Maintain Professionalism

Professionalism can be measured by a person’s conduct and mannerisms at the workplace. By showing consideration and respect for others, you’ll actually be demonstrating a commitment to professionalism. Another way to display professionalism is by keeping your word as this is a sign of integrity. Maintaining professionalism shows that you take your career seriously and you respect the people around you.

We all like to know that our hard work and commitments are not just noticed but occasionally rewarded. So, you have to get ahead of the situation and bring it to the notice of your supervisors. If after you have taken all the steps to develop yourself, your employers do not still feel like you deserve it, then maybe you should consider looking for better opportunities. Whatever approach you choose to take, remember not to get confrontational when asking.

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