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3 Interesting Career Moves You Could Make

It’s becoming more and more popular for people to have more than one career in their lifetime of work and with education being more readily available it’s not hard to see why so many people choose to take a step into a new line of work. When choosing a career to move into it’s not always an easy choice to settle and you can sometimes be put off by the lack of information surrounding a move. Often people just need the reassurance it’s ok to want that change.

If you’re looking for a change but would prefer to move into something a little different and more interesting than your average job has a look at these 3 interesting career moves that you could make.


By head-hunter why are basically saying professional recruiter however there is the possibility that you could be specifically working on recruiting specialist people rather than just dealing with the general run of the mill recruitment. Head-hunters are often recruited by high paying organizations to recruit people for high-level jobs that are rarely advertised. You’re not just collecting resumes with this role, you are helping businesses and organizations to align ideal candidates with highly professional roles and at the same time, you’re helping people who are or at times aren’t looking for a career move or climb up the career ladder.

You will often find yourself poaching and approaching people who are already proven within their field as you know that they are ideal for the role you are filling. For this kind of role, you are going to need to already have or be able to quickly build an excellent, strong professional network and have an outstanding knowledge of the current job markets. Specialising in a particular area can be very fruitful and you may even become extremely well know. If you’re able to build a good rapport, build relationships, are quick thinking and have excellent communication skills then this could be an ideal career path for you. Starting your career in a recruitment based role is a good place to start to gain essential skills if you’re starting from scratch.

DNA Analyst

This is a very well-known career that is often crying out for people to join the field. It’s well known partly because of famous crime dramas that often feature DNA Analysts helping the detective to solve crimes collecting samples of DNA from crime scenes. Yes, this most certainly what you are going to doing but definitely less glamourized. This role plays a crucial role in crime investigations. It requires a lot of medical and science training in areas such as biology, forensics and toxicology.

You will provide support to help convict or clear suspects in a court of law by gathering and analysing samples of blood, hair and saliva for the purpose of identifying DNA. It’s now something that heavily relies on to convict. You will find yourself using interesting equipment such as DNA extractions tools and a filter plate.


Increasing more and more in popularity for women who are expecting or have had children a Doula is someone who offers support throughout pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. During pregnancy, she will carry out duties such as arranging or sourcing healthcare professionals, practice safe birthing, develop a birth plan, assist her with making any other decisions in an informative manner. During childbirth, a doula focuses on not only the mother’s emotional but also physical needs. These can range from making sure the birth plan is followed right through to providing ice chips and snacks. A Doula will sometimes offer assistance postpartum by helping the mother, father and any children to go through the transition from pregnancy to having a newborn in the home and can offer support such as providing services similar to that of a nanny.

There really is an abundance of interesting career available, so make sure you always do your research before settling. If there are any interesting careers that you would like to share please leave them in the comments section below.

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