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Investments That Aren’t Stocks

Most people feel that investing isn’t for them. But when you look at it, most people have invested money in cars, your property – and sometimes even the clothing that you wear, as with everything to do with your cash you should always seek advice and information from a professional.

Invest in Yourself

This might sound a bit strange, but you are the best investment that you can make. You are the one that will earn money, the one that will be looking to start a business or advance in your career. So it makes sense that actually you are the perfect investment. Think about training courses, higher education and retraining too. Look at ways to increase your profitability over time.

Houses and Land

You could opt to put some cash into houses that are going to auction and are typically in need of some care. Or you might want to build something fresh and purchase land. When there is new land for sale, you have to be quick because it is an investment that doesn’t lose value. Overtime homes and land tend to make a great profit.

Your Debt

Some debts can be a positive thing, like a credit card that is paid off every month. But if you are currently paying the minimum on loans, credit cards and hire purchase items. You are going to be paying more in interest and less on the actual debt than you might think. Look at which one is closest to being paid off and start making more significant payments there. Over time they will decrease, which puts you back in the driver’s seat and will help your credit rating.

Diamonds and Gold

Gold, silver and other precious metals will rise and fall in price with the dollar. So the amount you have will vary in price. If you accrue smaller amounts of gold over time, you can have them melted down and turned into something more substantial like a bar. The price of your gold will depend on weight and carat. As for diamonds, every single diamond will have an individual price. This price is based on the cut, the clarity and the size. There are some pinks, blues, pure ones that are clearer than water. And there are some rare ones too if you intend to make money on diamonds that make sure that everything you buy has a certificate of authenticity.


Here you should be thinking about art, toys, coins and stamps. They are all worth some time in research and acquisition. Most things have an initial value, then later on when they are no longer produced and aren’t found as often then rise. This is much about supply and demand. Fashion and home trends can have a significant impact on kitch collectables. Start small and try to only collect things you are personally interested in too.

When it comes to investing, there is so much more out there than just stocks and shares. Research and care when making purchases, will see you turning a profit.

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