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Popular Investments Worth Making in 2022

To make money go further this year, a good way to do so is through investing. For the most part, just letting the money going spare sit in the bank account, doesn’t do much. Being able to invest is a great way to expand finances and make money for the future.

Whether the reason for investing is for a hobby or to generate enough income to retire early, there are lots of opportunities available that are worth exploring. With that being said, here are some popular investments that are worth making this year and beyond.

What is an investment and how many people invest?

An investment is a way of putting in money to some form of opportunity, in the hopes that a profit can be achieved. Investing can be done by anyone with savings and with technology advancements, it’s changed the field of investing beyond just those with a rich back pocket.

How many people invest currently? According to one study, 58% of Americans report that they own stock. Stock is a more traditional asset to invest in but there are lots more investment opportunities that have modernized investments. 

Four popular investments to make in 2022

What popular investments should one be looking at in order to benefit their finances further? It’s important to remember that just because an investment is made, it doesn’t guarantee that the money invested will be returned, or that there will be a profit made on the investment.

Only money that can afford to be lost, should be invested. With that being said, let’s look at four popular investments to make in 2022.

1. Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies or digital currency as it’s referred to, have become particularly popular with both mature and young investors. It’s spanned across many generations as a viable investment opportunity as it’s the most affordable to utilize.

With cryptocurrency, it’s accessible to most people to invest in. There’s no rule that an investor should buy a whole coin in order to invest. A person could buy 1/16th of a coin and it’s still considered an investment.

While the market of cryptocurrency has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, it’s remained regardless. That in itself should prove that cryptocurrencies and digital currency are here to stay. A lot of businesses are now offering it as a payment method now too.

2. The property market

For those that are interested in long-term investments that could make some significant money over time, the property market is well worth investing in.

It’s not easily accessible for everyone and in order to invest, a deposit will be required. However, once on the property market, whether it’s a first or second property for rental, it can quickly become a great money earner.

Not only that but the more properties acquired, the quicker they’ll end up paying themselves off over time. A property can be a great investment, especially if the family would benefit from it being passed down.

The property market has the advantage of being less volatile too, so it’s worth choosing when deciding between property and stocks/crypto, for example.

3. Stocks and shares

One that requires a little more research is stocks and shares. The stock market has existed since 1817, when it was formally known as the New York Stock and Exchange Board until 1863. 

For those that are looking to invest in other businesses and organizations, investing in stocks and shares is a suitable opportunity. If a business or organization sells stocks and shares when starting off, many can often buy it for an affordable cost.

If that business happened to explode and take off, it could quickly generate a hefty profit on the investment overnight. It’s something though that can be particularly volatile as a market and so should be considered with caution.

It also requires a lot more research in order to avoid losing money haphazardly.

4. High-yield savings accounts

High-yield savings accounts are better than standard ones that may collect very little interest. There are certain banks and bank account types that will provide a higher interest rate than what is put into the bank.

Depending on the amount of money that one possesses, high-yield savings accounts may not be the most appropriate, especially when there are investment opportunities that can garner a lot more profit in a shorter space of time.

When it comes to high-yield savings accounts, make sure to explore the market in its entirety. There may be some lesser-known banks that provide better rates than some of the mainstream options. 

The Benefits of Investing

Now that the investment types have been covered, what are the benefits of investing? Why join the many who are already investing? There are plenty of benefits to consider when it comes to investing and these benefits may change the finances forever!

Investing helps to build for rainy days and more

When it comes to investing, it can help provide further peace of mind. With any household or individual, earning money is part and parcel of living a good life. It’s not something that should be sacrificed for time but when given an opportunity to earn more money, many will take advantage of it.

Investing can help to build funds for rainy days when emergency funds might be needed. Not only that but it helps build savings that might allow for a more comfortable life. It means more money can be spent on making memories, rather than working long hours.

There’s an opportunity for long-term returns

It’s important to look at the long-term returns that come with investment opportunities. It often puts people off, knowing they’re spending money and having no guarantee that money will be made from it. 

With that being said though if the money is invested with the right research and knowledge, there’s more chance of earning money over a long period of time. 

If it’s a cryptocurrency, understand the types of cryptocurrency wallets available and the platforms in operation. For the property market, take a look at the investment types and the best places when it comes to rental yields and value for money.

Earn additional income

With multiple investments and a diverse range within a portfolio, it can help the individual make additional income through multiple income streams.

Being able to earn additional income beyond just the normal 9-5, is always a great benefit. With cryptocurrencies and low-spend investment opportunities popping up left, right, and center, it’s well worth looking at the additional income that can be made. It’ll like help convince those who are currently on the fence about whether to invest or not. 

Creates a side hustle or passion

With investment, it can become a side hustle or passion to take on alongside the job that the person has. A side hustle when it comes to investment can be a helpful way of spending the time that’s often required to make the investments go further.

For some, they may start off investing alongside their job and eventually be earning enough to quit their job. This isn’t common but the potential is definitely there to make this a life-changing opportunity if the person ends up being lucky enough.

Invest money into investment opportunities for 2022

This year is the perfect time to be investing in a number of investment opportunities. With so much out there and a need for finances both in borrowing and lending, it’s worth investing whatever savings are available. Remember though, the investment is never guaranteed, so tread carefully in order to strike lucky each time.

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