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Acknowledging the Invisible Risks as a Solo Entrepreneur

The life of a solo entrepreneur is stressful. You are at the head of a business. You know you can’t rely on anybody else to manage all activities. But more importantly, even though you can outsource some tasks, you still need to tackle a humongous amount of work by yourself. Of course, as a result of your hectic professional journey, you might be tempted to overlook small issues. Anything you can’t see doesn’t need to have a significant influence on your day-to-day job. However, countless entrepreneurs fall into the dangerous trap of invisible risks. If you want to turn your business dream into a success, you need to start paying attention to the little things nobody notices. It’s time to listen to your body.

Ignoring the Potential Consequences of an Accident/Illness

Do you know the story of the Austrian Empress Sissi? Sissi died of blood loss, after having been stabbed with a thin blade. The Empress complained about a sharp pain, but her fitted clothes kept the wound together so that she soon forgot about the incident and assumed she was fine. If she had paid attention to her first symptom and sought medical care, then, she would have survived the attack. We are all guilty of becoming a modern-day Sissi. Indeed, when you’re trying to manage your hectic work life, it’s easy to ignore your issues. However, just because you can’t see your injury, it doesn’t mean that a fall at the mall or a car collision bears no health consequence. Thankfully, nowadays, we also have professional legal assistance,, to make sure that you can look after yourself after an accident. Entrepreneurs who fail to seek medical and legal assistance can develop expensive health complications.

Not Realizing What Stress Does to You

Running a business is stressful, especially if you don’t take any preventive measure. Ultimately, stress can lead to making poor decisions, which can put your business at risk. Additionally, when you’re under a lot of pressure, you can find yourself responding in anger at the slightest frustration, which is never a positive attitude to have with your clients.

No Coffee Can Cure Fatigue

Entrepreneurs work long hours. More often than not, they are sleep deprived. But, too many entrepreneurs feel they don’t have the time to relax and sleep. Every waking hour is dedicated to the business, which in the long term, can be damaging. Indeed, fatigue is the equivalent of having a blood alcohol content of 0.05 if you sleep less than 7 hours per night. While drinking coffee can make you feel alert and help your brain to think faster; it doesn’t solve the underlying issue. Ultimately, caffeine only provides a short-term solution, but your body continues to suffer from fatigue.

Isolation Is Not Healthy for You

It’s lonely at the top, as fellow entrepreneurs would say. The truth is that, unfortunately, entrepreneurs show a considerably high risk of suicide because their isolated position facilitates depressive disorders. Working alone is not a viable solution for any business.

The life of a new business owner is paved with obstacles, whether you’re trying to outdo your competitors or you’ve got a tight deadline. There is no need to add further obstacles, such as the invisible risks of your position. Indeed, entrepreneurs are more likely to ignore potential health issues, develop depression, and struggle with stress management. If you want to build a successful business, you need to start by listening to your body.

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