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Making a Business Green While Improving the Lives of Your Team

The environment has never been under such a spotlight. While some people aren’t worried about the state of the planet, many are, and this is putting a lot of pressure on businesses which want to please their customers. Alongside this, though, businesses also have to think about their employees and their happiness. Keeping yourself on everyone’s good side can be a challenge.

Thankfully, though, this post is here to help you, and will be exploring some of the best ways to improve your environmental impact while also making your team more comfortable.

Coffee & Refreshments

People love to have a cup of tea or coffee while they work, and these refreshments are very common in offices around the world. Of course, though, a lot of modern machines use huge amounts of resources to provide their delicious drinks. Finding a workplace coffee subscription service which takes a sustainable approach can be tricky, but well worth the effort, putting you one step closer to being totally plastic free. Some people don’t drink hot drinks, but this will be very appealing to those who do. This probably isn’t something you’d want to scream and shout to customers about, but it will still have the benefit of improving your environmental impact at the same time as making people happy.

Smart Meters

Keeping an office space warm can cost a small fortune. It will take a lot of electricity or gas to achieve the right level of comfort, especially during the winter, and this can have a huge impact on the environment. Turning off lights will help, but there are few better tools than a smart meter for this sort of job. These devices can give you the power to control the climate in your office while also reducing the amount of money you have to spend on heating. Your team will be happy, as they will get to spend more time comfortably, and won’t find themselves getting too hot or cold when they are trying to concentrate.

Lift Share Incentives

Companies often give incentives to their team members which will make them want to sell more, though this sort of method can be used to inspire different kinds of change. Pushing people to share lifts, for example, will have an impact on your carbon footprint, while also giving people rewards which will make them feel happy. You don’t have to give much for this, and your local government may even be willing to help you out. More and more companies are taking this approach when they want to push their team members to take action in their own time.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of making your office better for the environment and the people working inside it. This sort of task can be a challenge, but it should be easy enough to overcome with the right research. As time goes on, it will only get more important that small businesses have areas like this covered.

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