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Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Car Accident Claim

Unfortunate events like car accidents can majorly impact a person’s life. You might get severe injuries, damages on the vehicle, and sometimes even lose a loved one due to a car accident. Although there is no replacement for a person’s death, you can get compensation for all the losses incurred from an accident via a compelling insurance claim.

Although you might be unclear about the legal procedure and steps to take after a car accident, contacting a Houston car accident attorney is essential since an experienced attorney knows how the law works.

Additionally, an attorney will help prepare an insurance claim since most insurance companies look out for an authorized and accurate demand letter with relevant details about the accident in general. You might want to follow the instructions given by the attorney diligently.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid in an insurance claim.

Settling for Unfair Compensation by the Other Party

The insurance claim is sought to get the maximum benefit from the insurance company as compensation for all the losses incurred due to the accident. If the other party tries to negotiate and come up with a specific settlement value, you are advised not to accept it. Since you might miss the opportunity of getting a fair settlement by the insurance company, even if you did not, your attorney would ensure to fight for the best deal with several defense strategies.

Giving Statements to the Insurance Company

Although the insurance company will try their best to turn the claim against you, you are expected not to disclose any details about the accident. Additionally, you should not give statements in any form, written or recorded. Both should be avoided. If the insurance company forces you to receive a statement, you can immediately contact your attorney’s help.

Avoiding Statute of Limitation

Usually, a person can file a claim to compensate for the losses incurred due to a car accident within a specific period. If not, the statute of limitation may expire, and a person can no longer seek compensation from the other party. Hence, filing for a claim should not be delayed.

The above-listed points are common mistakes that can impact a person’s approach to an insurance claim. Having an attorney while seeking an insurance claim is also recommended. If not, the procedure may get complicated, and you might be unclear about taking further steps.

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