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The Occasions You Need to Rescue Your Money

On occasion, we’ve all let money slip through our fingers and avoided opportunities to fight for it because we were; too busy, we thought we wouldn’t get anywhere and/or we couldn’t be bothered with the hassle. Well, if we think about the money we’ve let go, and total this up in terms of how long we worked to make that money, then it becomes more significant.

There are more than one occasions that you and everyone else has been taken advantage of for their money, but this post says no more. Here are some situations you’ve probably come across or are in at the moment, and it’s time for you to step up and protect your earnings.

Traffic Tickets

From speeding, cell phone use, to allegedly driving past a stop sign, someone thought they saw you do it, and now you have a california traffic ticket, which could mean a fine or worse. So rather than just go with it, why not contest it? Not everyone has a way with words or knows how to use the law in their favour, so perhaps this one is better being delegated to a business that can effectively contest the ticket on your behalf. This might mean a mini investment, but a smart one at that, especially for those who are low on time to do it themselves.

Car Troubles

An age-old conundrum met by many is wondering whether or not your local mechanic is taking you for a ride and maybe pulling out all the stops to determine your car as either not road worthy or in need of some serious work. But is it really in a bad way? And some of the repairs they’ve happily clocked up, that you haven’t yet agreed to, are they something you couldn’t do yourself? From car junkyards to wholesalers online selling car pieces at a fraction of the price from your mechanic, it’s worth working through your list to see what you can order and fix yourself, as each repair you do is a small amount saved, and this gradually builds up. Window wipers, topping up your car’s oil, changing the oil filter and so on. It’s not rocket science and doesn’t have to be super expensive either, so don’t let it be!

Personal Injury

A lot needs to be said for hurting yourself in an incident that wasn’t your fault. And many people don’t think to report it. But why not? You’ve potentially suffered a loss in money, for medical bills or for time off work. So, why not defend your money and yourself, and put a case together. This way, you can fight your corner and win back what’s been taken away from you. If you’re confident you can represent yourself in court then great, but if not, there are heaps of personal injury lawyers waiting in the wings ready to snap up a case such as yours – usually on a no win no fee basis too.

The scenarios above are just the tip of the iceberg for situations out there demanding you part with your money, on the basis that you probably won’t fight for it anyway. So why not defy the odds and protect what’s rightfully yours. Defending your money is appreciating its value and not let it slip through the net into a black hole, so that you may put it to use in your life where it’s far more deserved.

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