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Warning! Most People Forget These 3 Things When Buying a Home

The majority of you will be able to list multiple things to look for when buying a home. This includes all of the most common concerns – like the price, location, age of the home, and so on. But, a high percentage of homebuyers will all forget the same things.

Today, we’re going to look at a few concerns that often go unnoticed. You need to be aware of them, or you might end up buying a home that’s not as amazing as it seems. So, here are some things to look for:

How Was the House Built?

You don’t consider this because you assume that all homes are built in the same way. Traditionally, they are stick-built, which means they’re constructed from the ground up on the place where they stand. However, you now have companies like Gulf Coast Modular Homes that build houses differently. Modular homes are built in factories piece by piece. This can often mean the quality is higher as there are strict quality controls in place, and the home doesn’t get subjected to adverse weather conditions. Then, there are manufactured homes – or mobile homes – which are usually built to a lower standard.

Be sure to ask how the house was built as it definitely plays a role in the longevity of the property. It can also put the price into perspective. You may think you’re getting a fair price for a home, only to realize it’s actually way too expensive as it’s a modular or manufactured home.

Why Is the Owner Selling?

Think about why the current owner wants to offload the house. In some cases, it might be because they’re looking to downsize and buy something smaller and more affordable. Or, they have a new job in a different location, so they need to move home.

But, what if there aren’t any clear reasons behind the sale? This is a bit of a red flag as it seems strange. Why get rid of a seemingly good house if you don’t need to? Do some extra digging and ask more questions to get to the real truth. Sometimes, people sell houses because there are too many ongoing repairs, or it’s too expensive to look after. Needless to say, this heavily impacts your offer for the home, and it can stop you from buying something that’s riddled with ongoing issues.

How Long Has It Been on the Market?

Again, this matters as it tells you a lot about the asking price and the home itself. What if the house has been on the market for over a year? This tells you that nobody wants to buy it. Why? Either it’s not as good as the advertisements say, or the price puts buyers off.

As such, you should think twice before submitting a bid for the home. Maybe go for another, more thorough, look around the property. Or, submit a much lower bid than the asking price. Be cautious of any properties that have been up for a very long time!

Most people forget these things and focus on the more common concerns when buying a home. By all means, think about all the common things as well! Just make sure you also consider these lesser-known issues.

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