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Planning Your Life on Civvy Street

When you are a part of the military, your life is regimented. You may not be able to predict when you’re going to go on tours with your group, but you can predict that it’s all going to come with sets of rules that you have to adhere to. Your career prospects are different, because everything that you learn while you’re on tour with the military is relevant and in a bubble. Coming back out of the military and moving on to civvy street is going to present with a whole new set of difficulties.

Learning to interact with civilian life all over again, finding a job and even looking into VA business loans to start your own business can all feel very overwhelming. Your career is going to look vastly different on a 9-5 schedule and you’re going to feel a little suffocated by all the added time with your friends and family as it’s not something that you’re used to. The good news, is that the world is always ready for ex-military personnel to return to the regular world and if you’re unsure where you should start, check out this guide below.

Know Your Worth

When you’re in the military you have a rank, a place, a purpose. Outside in the world, you’re rubbing shoulders with regular people and you’re not going to be in that decorated officer position that you’re so used to. You have to consider your value in the world without the military and think about your employment options before you start looking to leave the military.

Check Your Cash

Hopefully, over the years that you spent time in the military you saved some money from your salary. Ideally, you’ll have enough in there for six months of expenses to see you through when you leave military life. If you are in any kind of debt when you leave the military, there are people that you can speak to so that you can start reducing these and make life easy for yourself.

Think About Insurance

Leaving the military means that you need to think about health insurance, especially before you get a new job once you’re on civvy street again. Check out what TRICARE can offer you and once you’re set up with a new business or a job of your own, you can think about private healthcare.

Meet People

In the military, you have no choice but to meet new people and get to know them. on civvy street, you have to make a point of putting yourself into the world and networking with new people. Maintain ties with the people you served with but make a conscious effort to build yourself a new network when you can as this is the best way that you can integrate with your local community and get back to yourself.

Being in the military enriches your life and gives you a huge afterward if you use your skills in the most positive way. take the time to work it out.

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