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The Quick Route to Startup Success in 2020

Spoiler alert: most startups crash and burn within a few years. And the number one reason is the lack of fast profits. When capital reserves are limited, finding the quickest route to success is pivotal.

While the road to success will still serve up some bumpy moments, the ride is far soother when it is built with quick revenue and growth in mind. Here’s how to turn the dream into a reality in just five easy steps.

Leverage Success From a Brand

Securing a consumer’s trust is one of the hardest tasks facing any modern business. The easiest way to overcome this is through a franchise. Opening a restaurant with the East Coast Wings & Grill brand, for example, offers an instant advantage. Customers that are already familiar with the brand will act upon their experiences of other branches. Those that do not know the brand will gain trust from conducting online research into the history of the parent company. The concept works for other franchises too.

Invest in the Team

While your innovations are key for success, employee productivity is the driving force. Invest in the team, and they’ll take care of the hard work, making the process far simpler. Assemble the best workforce through thorough recruitment processes. Follow this up with motivational practices that make staff members actually want to work. A team that works together succeeds together. So, when you support the moves for individual success with a positive company culture, the business is destined to see results far sooner.

Use Social Influencers

Spreading the word in an effective manner is another notorious challenge. Worse still, the time invested in this task stops you from completing other assignments. Social influencer marketing has taken over, and now is the time for your startup to take advantage. Find a social influencer that appeals to a similar demographic to yours, and their content will resonate to impress new clients. Awareness and conversions will soar. Likewise, the costs are far cheaper than many traditional marketing strategies.


Fundraising and financing a business is hard work. Not least because business loans are very hard to acquire. Crowdfunding has moved the goalposts, though. Platforms like IndieGoGo offer fantastic opportunities. Bypassing many of the financial problems instantly boosts your hopes of success. Furthermore, the fact that there are fewer worries about these issues ensures that the focus remains on business. This in itself makes the road to success far smoother to generate big results.

Be Personal

People buy people. Incredibly, this is something lost on a lot of companies, including big brands. This is an opportunity or your small business to outperform much larger operations. From taking the time to appreciate your place in the market to providing better customer care, these steps are vital. It leads to a far higher customer retention rate, thus boosting the customer lifetime value. Besides, people talk. Positive reviews based on experience carry greater weight than your adverts. It will speed up the process.

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