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Key Stages You Can’t Miss in Product Design

Designing a new product is a process that takes a long time. It starts with an idea, but you have to go through various stages to get to the final product that’s ready to be marketed. There are multiple steps that you need to take during product development, some of which may be more important than others. While every stage of the process matters, there are some things that are especially important not to miss.

If you’re about to develop a new product or you’re thinking about doing it in the future, take a look at these things that you should make sure to complete when designing a product.


Some people approach the design of a new product without thinking much about research. They think that they have a good idea, so they’re going to go ahead and design their product without having to know anything else. But researching the market is vital if you want to know if your product idea really is viable. You need to know what’s already out there and whether there could be a market for your new product. Every great product starts with good research and plenty of knowledge to inform your design.


A prototype of your product is clearly a must before you start to manufacture the real thing. You need to know what your product is going to look like and how it’s going to work. You need a chance to make adjustments to your initial design to perfect your product. You can use both digital and physical prototyping to create your design. You can outsource your prototyping to your cable design service or any other design and manufacture service that you might be using. Prototyping can be a time-consuming process, but handing the task over to someone else can save you time.


Testing your product is an ongoing task as you seek to perfect it. You need to put it through its paces and allow users to test it so that you know it works. You don’t necessarily need to have a full product ready to go for users to test it. A prototype might use similar materials to those that will be in the final product, for example, so that you can offer a working prototype to test. Focus groups can provide feedback on the product and even on things such as how the product will be packaged so that changes can be made if necessary.

Product Launch

You’re unlikely to forget about launching your product, but you should make sure that you are planning for it. The product launch isn’t just the introduction of your product to the market but might also involve a big event for introducing your new product to its audience. You have the opportunity to promote your product and launch it with a bang so that you can drum up a lot of attention and excitement from the start.

Put extra thought into these essential stages of product design if you want to develop a product that sees success.

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