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Strategies for a Great Return on Investment for Individuals and Businesses

When the economy and financial investments can become a little unsettled, then anyone looking to invest or get into business will naturally want to look for something with lower risk. When things are uncertain, having some lower risk choices can always be a good thing.

Of course, when it comes to investments or business there is never anything that is going to completely risk-free, but there are some investments and things you can be doing with your own business that are lower risk, as time has proven them to work, or you will have the expertise to make them work. Of course, being able to get a high return on these is what you will be after, and that can certainly be possible with some time and planning. So here are some things to be looking into, if low-risk but high reward is what you are looking for.

Dividend Stocks

There are many companies that will pay on dividends that are going to be much higher than what you can get when there is a risk-free investment. Stocks that are dividend paying have an advantage over anything that is completely risk-free too, as it allows you to take part in capital gains. All of that is in addition to the any dividend that you may receive, making it a more attractive option than just going the completely risk-free route. Having a combination of dividend and capital gains can really add up over time and create some impressive results for your investment.

Peer to Peer Lending

Over the past few years, peer to peer lending, or P2P as it can sometimes be referred, has been getting bigger and bigger, and taking over the investment world. Over recent years banks have become more hesitant to lend to people, particularly to loans for small businesses and even personal loans. As a result, it has meant more and more people looking to online lending platforms for these kinds of thing instead. It can be a pretty streamline process that you could be part of. It can work both ways as borrowers can pay back less than they would be paying in interest to a bank, and the lenders can get more back from what they money could be doing just sat in the bank. So for something relatively low-risk, but with the chance of a high rate of return, P2P could be worth looking into.


In the digital age that we live in, technology is going to be the big money maker for us. It can be the thing that can streamline processes in a business of yours, and it can help to provide innovative solutions, much like plating tools in the electroplating industry. When you are implementing state of the art tech in your business (or equally, investing in it), it can be a good place to be for some low-risk but high return on your investment.

Take your time to research and see what will work for you, but the time can really pay off when you find s strategy that can help you as an individual or as a business, improve your ROI.

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