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How to Streamline Online Booking for Your Business

As many places across the globe open up again, businesses – once again – need to adapt. This will occur in all business areas, but today we’ll focus on one particular area.

A great number of businesses, no matter the industry in which they operate, will have some face-to-face meetings between employees and customers. Appointments can seem like a hassle for many businesses, but often, it’s even more of a hassle for customers.

A poor booking system can turn away business. This is not what you want. Instead, you want an online booking system that is so streamlined and easy to use that customers will return again and again.

Think of your online booking system as an employee: if they aren’t bringing customers in, but instead turning them away, they need new training or even a replacement.

So, how can you streamline your online booking system to attract and keep customers?


An online booking system will ensure scheduling – if someone books a 3 p.m. appointment, you will be scheduled to meet with them. To make your business work best for you, this scheduling needs to be specific and correct.

Customers hate booking an appointment for a specific time, then having to wait an extra fifteen minutes to meet with someone. Often, delays like these are due to poor scheduling. You might schedule people a half-hour appointment, but in reality, these appointments take more like forty-five minutes.  Therefore, when you set up your online booking system, ensure your scheduling is realistic. Don’t put up blocks of ten minutes if these appointments take more than twenty minutes.


Choosing the right software can be make or break for a smooth online booking process. You want your software to be easy to use for your customers and easy to read for your company to ensure clarity of information on both sides.

Software can also be taken further for taking appointments. Proxyclick can offer first-class support for appointments in the current climate. This software allows your employees to know which spaces in the office are free to use. In the same way, Proxyclick can help customers feel they will be safe within the office while waiting for their meeting.


Each customer is different. This manifests in many ways, but in terms of appointments, each will take a different approach. Some might prefer in-person appointments, whilst others might prefer telephone appointments. With the pandemic, some customers might be shielding or isolating, or simply feel safer at home.

Offering customers different options might not be the easiest for employees, but will make customers feel more loyal to your company. By offering options, you are showing your customers that you value them and their needs.

Keep the Customer in Mind

Appointments are an essential part of many businesses: medical, hairdressers, even restaurants. By making appointments streamlined and easy to use, you make your work easier, as well as your customer.

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