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3 Things a Warehouse Fleet Needs

Every warehouse manager needs to have a few things. Good solid racks, an established storage system, a well-rounded team of employees that can get the job done, and software to communicate stock and inventory with the sales teams. Among all of that you also need to have good solid fleet management skills. The call will come down from the sales teams of what needs to go out to be shipped, but you are in charge of the fleet as it is still in the warehouse.

So you give the go-ahead and how they enter. The fleet of any warehouse has to be properly managed as it is the sharp end of what you do. Delivering goods in great condition, on time.

Good Entrance Communication

You need to have good solid communication with your fleet to not overcrowd a loading area. So this means you need to have a software where you schedule appointments to load, calling software to communicate by voice to drivers but also markings on the ground so drivers can find their way around. Not to mention you need signs and lights as well, for when loading is occuring at night.

A system of entering the warehouse premises is required because you want to have the right fleet ready to load, at the right time. So focus on a system that gives the green light to the drivers. This may be, fleet number confirmation via cameras. Sending out codes for the next loading to occur to the right driver, who may need to validate it before entering, etc.

Preventing Accidents

The next thing you need to focus on, is avoiding accidents. Warehouses are extremely busy. They have a lot going on and the last thing you need is for two heavy trucks to smash into each other. This is why we have emphasised having a good entrance system, so you don’t have too many trucks rushing around. This is especially the case in bad weather.

You should have a groundsman who can watch what is going on. This can be done via camera systems but also by eye. You need to train them to use signals with LED lights so they can communicate and direct the fleet.

Stopping the Show

The absolute last thing you need is for trucks to be out of commission. So with a proven truck driver insurance company that can cover your types of vehicles and your type of business. Obviously, warehouse fleets do a lot of mileage as they are the main transport from warehouse to local depots. Have a regular check up that performs the basics while the trucks are getting set up for loading. This could be checking the tyres, health of the driver, oil, fluids, brakes, etc.

A warehouse fleet is the band of work horses that get the job done for most businesses. They play a pivotal role in the logistics of any company and keeping them in good shape will bear fruit.

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