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Tips on Building Your Home’s Defenses

As the saying goes, a man’s home is his castle, so it’s only right that you should work on your home’s defenses to secure it from the threat of any burglars making daily and nightly patrols of your area.

You see, not only will you suffer the loss of some of your bigger purchases should a thieving miscreant gain entry, but you will also suffer financially, as you will have damage to your property to pay for, as well as the replacement costs of anything that has been taken.

Of course, your home and contents insurance will cover you for some of your losses – you are insured, aren’t you? – but there is still much you can do to deter any would-be burglars from gaining entry in the first place.

#1: Focus on the Exterior of Your Property

The harder it is for a burglar to get to your home, the better, so secure your perimeter with strong metal fencing. The higher, the better, of course, preferably with pointy bits on top to make any potential burglar think twice before trying to climb over!

We also recommend security lighting. Burglars don’t enjoy being in the spotlight, so install motion-sensor lights around your garden and near any entry-ways, as these should cause the burglar to flee once activated.

#2: Secure Your Doors

Most burglars will try to get in through your windows, but you shouldn’t overlook your doors. For starters, don’t be one of those people who leaves a key under a plant pot or a garden gnome, as the burglar is wise to these apparent hiding places. Give your spare key to a trusted neighbor if you have to, or find a smarter place to hide it outdoors.

Then secure your door with a deadbolt, and replace the hinges if they are old and worn. We also recommend upgrading your door with a smart lock, as not only do these provide keyless entry (no need for any easily found spare keys then) but in the examples given in the previous link, they offer extra security features too.

#3: Focus on Your Windows

As we suggested, these are usually the first port of call for any burglar patrolling your property, so do your best to burglar-proof them.

For starters, use common sense. Make sure your windows are firmly locked when you are in bed or away from home, and purchase a stronger locking system if your existing locks are flimsy and showing signs of disrepair. Key-operated lever systems are a popular choice.

Think about your window glazing too. You could reinforce your glass with a security film, or you could replace your current window panes with tempered glass, as burglars will have a harder time trying to break through this force-resistant option.

Here are some other tips on burglar-proofing your windows.

#4: Set up a Security System

Finally, this is a natural way to deter any intruders on your property.

With security cameras set up and an alarm system in place, any potential burglars should think twice before setting foot near your home.

Some security systems, such as those provided by SimpliSafe, also alert police and security personnel should alarms or sensors get triggered. So, even if you were away from home, you would have peace of mind knowing that your property was being looked after.


So, consider your home’s defences. Do you feel protected? If not, consider the suggestions we have given you in this article. Despite the expense of new security installations, you need to remember that your finances would only take a greater hit should your home get burgled.

Thanks for reading.

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