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Tips for Comparing Transfer Rates Between USD and EUR

If you are in America and wish to travel or trade with Europe, then you will need to know about currency transfer rates. So, in this article, we will consider some tips when looking to exchange currency from USD to EUR, as an example. This could prove to be useful if this is the currency that you are wishing to exchange.

Working Out the Exchange Amount

To convert the amount that you are exchanging from US dollars to euros is a matter of knowing the exchange rate. Once you know this, you can multiply the amount of money you have in dollars by the value of 1 dollar in euros. This means that if, for example, you have 100 dollars, you would multiply by the exchange rate, which at the time of writing is 0.85 euro to give you the equivalent of $85.

It is important to not think that once you have the currency rate, you can just keep using it to work out how much your money is worth in another country. This is because it will constantly change and this could make a big difference to whether you receive value for money for your currency by exchanging at a later time. If the currency rate is good in terms of your country, always make the exchange there and then. Better still, adopt the tip below so that you can easily keep checking rates.

Comparison Tables

An easier way than performing manual calculations, and for more up-to-date figures, as they constantly change, is to look at comparison currency calculators online, which will provide you with instant currency conversions between different currencies. These will constantly be updated to show the real-time rates to give you a more accurate approach when exchanging your currency.

So, the tip here is that although you can work out on knowing just the rate, this will constantly change, even while you are in the process of working things out. This makes it better when you just have to press a button to perform an instant calculation. It does all the work for you and means that you can work out anything from any country and quickly. Also, make comparisons between different providers of currency.


Timing is everything when exchanging currencies. We do not necessarily have control over this if we are going on a last-minute holiday or a business invoice needs to be paid on time to keep suppliers happy. Where we can, though, it can provide more spending money for a holiday and increase the profitability of a business that trades internationally between say the US and Europe.

Currencies are traded 24 hours per day but Monday is considered the best time to sell dollars and buy euros. There is considered to be a 2-3% lower total exchange rate. In reverse, Wednesdays and Fridays are considered the best days to sell euros and buy dollars. Check this theory out on the comparison tables available online.

In summary, the tips for exchanging currencies are to know the exchange rate but use comparison tables when you are online. Also, to time the exchange when you will get the best exchange from your point of view. Following the exchange rates online can provide a clue as to when the time is right. Past results can tell us a lot about the direction a currency is heading in. Also, the third tip which mentions exchanging currencies on a particular day is a fascinating one to explore to get the best value for money in the currency exchange.

So, explore the links and get the best deals when it comes to converting your currency. In particular, when converting US dollars to euros.

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