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7 Tips for Developing a Creative Workspace

Whether you’re a business owner that has a whole team or you’re just working alone, there’s no doubt about it that the environment that you’re in is going to affect how you work. The environment can mean how the atmosphere and the mood are throughout the space but it can even mean how the space is laid out and decorated.

A workspace is where you spend 8 or more hours each day. This is an area that should not only be comfortable physically, but it should be nice on the eyes, make you feel comfortable, but it should be a place that triggers productivity and positivity.  If you’re going to be in a space for so many hours each day, it only makes sense wanting to feel comfortable in it, right?

Your workspace can eventually feel like a drag, if you’re in a space that you don’t enjoy being in, it will get to the point that it feels far too impossible to be comfortable and productive. Fortunately, it’s now death to the cubicle and more companies are understanding the importance of interior design. Interior design isn’t just there to make rooms look pretty, there’s a whole lot of psychology that goes behind it as well.  Interior design is meant to make a person feel good, and feel comfortable in a space. Certain colors and certain styles evoke moods, and that’s the beauty of psychology meeting interior design. No matter what your personal preference is, it’s best to give interior design a chance.

Creating a nice workspace, whether it be your home office or co-working space should be an area that makes people enjoy being in that room. Happiness and creativity create productivity, the same goes for being comfortable. If you’re wanting to create a workspace that’s fit for boosting productivity, then continue reading on for helpful information and tips.

Look Into Creating Something Unique

If you’ve ever stepped into a startup office or any trendy/modern-looking offices, you may notice that they don’t have the same appearance or elements as the standard and traditional workspaces do. One of the biggest differences would be how open modern workspaces are. The cubicle was once a tiny office, a major eyesore that blocked off employees from socializing now is getting rejected. Open spaces, open tables, employees sitting closer together to encourage socializing are all wonderful things that new businesses and the office-related interior have been encouraging.

Other ways modern offices try to create a more unique workspace for their employees would be by adding unique decorative elements or even rooms to help them out with getting the creativity flowing. If you’re wanting unique furniture such as swings instead of old desk chairs then custom metal fabrication would be a great way to do this. In terms of different rooms, some companies such as Google have various rooms in their buildings. Some rooms on their campus include a space for napping, a place to just relax and get comfy, an area to play video games, and even a room that contains recreational games such as foosball.

It’s important to encourage breaks for your employees and a great way of doing so would be through having unique spaces or even a unique structure in the office. Why go with something for the pure sake that it’s traditional, things were meant to change, and with your business, you can be that change!

Bring In a Bit of Nature

You don’t have to create a botanical garden as Amazon did with their sphere headquarters in Seattle, that’s cool but maybe a bit overkill.  Instead, just bring in a bit of nature to your workspace. Adding that connection with plants has been proven to instantly boost moods and the overall well-being too. Plants are pretty easy to find such as going to your local home improvement store or even going online to buy them. Plants are great for getting closer to nature and they just make a space look great too. Just be sure to skip out on the faux plants, they just don’t look good and it’s obvious when a plant is fake.

Another excellent way to bring in more nature is with natural lighting. Who doesn’t love natural lighting? Natural lighting is good for everyone, and it’s especially good for plants. Another benefit to natural lighting is the free heating you get when the sun hits the windows. Natural lighting helps with feeling more energized, not to mention the space will instantly look a lot better. Artificial lighting just doesn’t have what natural lighting has. This keeps you and your employee’s happy thanks to all that vitamin D. So open those curtains, and move the desk closer to the windows!

Separate Areas for Collaboration and for Independent Work

One aspect of business owners needs success is to understand the needs of others, such as your team. Some people love collaborating with their teammates, but other times it’s best to just work independently for a bit. This is something that’s best for those who are introverted because it gives them the chance to recharge again.

It’s great to share ideas with each other to create remarkable campaigns and to tackle obstacles but there shouldn’t be anything wrong with those that need- distraction-free silent spaces for teammates that want to think deeply and explore their own ideas. Both types of workspaces are needed, and both types of workspaces should be embraced as well.

Put Up Some Art

A workspace must have some art on display. No, those “hang in there” motivational posters do not count, nobody likes those. Critical art is hung throughout workspaces to not only make the space look better but also help with evoking thoughts and feelings. It’s great getting to use symbolism and use the imagination.

Some art, especially modern art is best when it’s open to interpretation, this allows for deep thought and consideration. Whatever art you decide to place in your workspace, you’ll want it to be there to add depth and help set a mood. It shouldn’t be there to make you or anyone else feel strange or uncomfortable.

  • Pros of putting up art.
  • Art inspires creativity.
  • It brings in more color to the space.
  • Can be something nice to look at.
  • Can help create a desired tone or atmosphere within the workspace.
  • Art comes in a variety of forms whether it be statues, paintings, or anything else.
  • Can be easy to display.
  • Can be affordable.
  • Can be switched out quickly and easily as well.

While some art can be expensive, you don’t have to be tied or even feel obligated to make any purchases that are too expensive. Art can make excellent statement pieces for a space, and they can truly help in creating the space you’re hoping to have to boost creativity.

Look Into Adding Colors Into the Walls and Floors

If you’re renting, whether it be your home (where your home office is) or renting the space for your office at work, check to see what type of changes you’re allowed to make.  Accent walls are a significant trend whether it be for offices, salons, or any other business. They’re trendy for homes as well.

Accent walls are fun and they bring that pop of color that you probably wouldn’t have elsewhere. Balance out the neutral colors of your creative space with someone fun and eye-catching. You can paint one wall, or even add some wallpaper to it. This wall can even have décor such as photos, art, and so much more. Some pros to having an accent wall can include:

  • Having your and your teammate’s favorite colors.
  • One wall doesn’t require too much paint or other materials to color easy.
  • It’s something that can be easily changeable.
  • Get as fun and funky as you like.
  • Can be a fun activity for all of the employees.

Maybe for a few days, your office space may be in a bit of disarray, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem unless the office is constantly in a fast-paced crazy environment.

Allow Everyone to Add Their Flare to Their Workspace

If you only work for yourself and have your own home office, chances are you already have a bit of your own touch to it, things that you personally like being on display. If you own a business and have employees, then why not allow them to decorate their space? Allowing coworkers to add their creative touch to their space can massively boost creativity and even productivity.

This is something that will trigger creativity as the desk will be a nice reminder of who they are and what their style is. Of course, you want to nudge everyone to continue to stay tidy and organize. Just allowing yourself and your team to add some flare, their own personal touch to the area they work at can truly go a long way.

Add a Recharge Space

This was briefly mentioned earlier.  Most offices will have their break room, this tends to be just a vending machine, a fridge, a microwave, and maybe a small dining table. This is a break room, but it’s not exactly a mental break room. Create a comfortable environment for your employees so they can be comfortable and have a mental break. Breaks boost productivity and creativity, but there needs to be an adequate space to do that in.

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