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Tips for Your Office Move

As your business grows, it is highly likely that you will move to bigger and better spaces. It might be because you need to make new hires, it potentially is because you want more space for creativity, or a new location is more accessible for clients. Setting up in a new office is a lot of fun, but you have to get the big move over first.

Office relocations can be a huge task, so it makes sense that you want to do it in the best possible way. Here are some tips for you to manage your office relocation with ease.


You run a business that is successful enough to require a move. So, it stands to reason you are already well versed in how to plan things effectively. Office relocation is no different. Start making a note of all of the tasks that will need to be completed. Even the smallest item will need to be noted and completed. When you have an overview of everything that needs to be done, you can delegate the tasks to the right people.


Finding a space that meets the needs of your business and your staff is essential. And, this will likely take some time to get right. It helps if you have a list of everything you need in the office space. Consider if you want and need:

  • Co-working space
  • Meeting rooms
  • Reception
  • Which floor you’d like to be on
  • How many people – do you need more room for expansion?
  • Coffee room


Your timeline is going to be crucial to making sure that you have zero downtime. You have to remember that your business needs to keep running while you are relocating. So, it makes sense to have a company like have everything relocated, so you can plug back in and get to work within hours.


Although deadlines can feel a little bit overbearing, having them in place will mean that people try their best to finish a project or close a case. Deadlines take away the ability to procrastinate or to keep putting things off. Instead, we will work diligently to meet the deadline. You might need to set several deadlines for office relocation, but it will keep you on track.


If you are having your new office fitted out by professionals, then you need to ensure they have sufficient time to do so. When you pick up the keys, you will be on a time-crunch, so make sure that you have a few days set aside to make sure the desks and chairs are all in and ready for your staff.

And finally, one of the critical things will be that you keep open communication between your staff and your clients. So that they are aware that over several days, they will be on limited contact due to the move. It would be wise if you have someone update all of your websites, social media, and other listings to your new address too.

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