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Tips for Working Remotely

There are more people kicking back and working for themselves now. Freelancers, digital nomads, and the gig economy have shifted how people work. Which is an excellent thing for those who like to decide their own working hours – and like to travel too. But, before you get on that plane, here are some tips for working remotely.


If you want to run a business anywhere, you are going to need clear communication. Your clients will need to get in touch with you, if you have a team they will need to check-in, likewise your VA. It just makes sense to have the right things in place. A party favorite is Slack. It is quick, easy and effective. But if you need more than that, because you need to be accessible by phone, then is the solution. All you need is an internet connection, and you can receive those phone calls and have no interruption to your working day.


If you are managing a team or even some large projects for clients, then you should make sure that you have weekly check-ins. There might be things going on behind the scenes that your client isn’t seeing, or that you aren’t seeing. Those phone calls will keep you connected beyond words behind and email. They don’t have to be entirely business based either. You can check in with your team about new music, great content you’ve read or even a new sandwich. It doesn’t matter what it is, it matters that you show you are still there – even when you aren’t.


When you are traveling, it can be hard to stick to a routine. Because when you are throwing new time zones, flights and iffy WiFi in the mix it can be hard to stick to anything. However – there is a lot you can do without being online. If you have everything in notes in a notepad or on your phone, you can still be working on a project at that 7am goal you set for yourself. Make sure that the time you have allocated for calls and communication you are sticking to as much as possible, even when that means you are awake at 3am. Use a tool like Asana to keep you on track.


The joy of being remote is that you can do things that you might not ordinarily get to do. If you want to take your morning calls while having a smoothie on the beach, you can. If you want to fit in hot yoga before you get to your emails, you should. Work those things in your routine so that you are still experiencing the countries you are in – but it works for you and your business.


You are going to need to build a community outside of the computer. When you are traveling, being able to grab a coffee with a friend for a while is going to break up the feeling that you are still deep in work mode. So go and make some new friends too.

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