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The Travelers Guide to Making Anywhere Feel Like Home

Travelling can be an amazing thing for the mind and soul, but one downside can be staying in various locations can make it feel like you don’t have anywhere to call home. Home doesn’t have to be a specific building in a specific country, though. It doesn’t have to be the place where your family lives, the place you grew up, or the place you left behind.

‘Home’ is actually a feeling, and here, we’re going to talk about how you can create that feeling anywhere you go.

Make Food From Home

Our sense of taste can help us to feel at home in no time. Eating delicacies from different countries can be amazing, but sometimes, nothing beats the meals you would eat at home. Go out and buy ingredients so that you can cook food from home, if possible. It doesn’t have to be complicated – a simple pasta dish or even a ready meal could work if you’re feeling a little homesick.

Follow a Routine

Following a routine or a ritual can help you to get more into the present moment and appreciate where you are. It can also help you to give more structure to your day and kickstart the day off right. Being out of a routine, getting up and going to bed when you feel like it, will not only make you feel out of sorts but will make you feel like you’re far away from home, too.

Know How to Stay Safe

Know how to stay safe everywhere you go. Have numbers written down in multiple places. Keep money in separate places, too. Don’t drink too much, or trust people straight away without really getting to know them. Always let somebody know where you’re going, whether it’s a hotel worker or a family member. Leave a note in your room if you have to with the time you’ll be back.

Connect With People

Aim to connect with new people. Speak to other travelers, and even locals. Ask questions and give them all of your attention. You can learn something from everybody you meet.

Spend Time Alone

Although you’re travelling and meeting people is important, so is spending time alone. You don’t have to be out doing something crazy every day. Stay in and watch a show you like, or read a book. Relax.

Know What You Need in a Place to Stay

Knowing what you need in a place to stay or live is crucial. For instance, if you love baths and aren’t particularly fond of showers, finding a place with one will make you feel more at home. Look at the Apartment Shoppers Guide and see if you can get an idea of what you need.

Take a Couple of Comforts With You

Maybe its a blanket or a bear – whatever it is, don’t be afraid to take a few things from home.

Stay in Touch With the People You Love

Arrange a time to contact the people you love. Internet cafes are almost everywhere, so you can send emails, instant message, or even Skype.

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