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Understanding the Gas Appliances Regulation

On April 1st 2018, the Gas Appliances Regulation (GAR) replaced the Gas Appliances Directive (GAD). If you buy or sell products that have been manufactured since April 2018, it’s crucial that they meet new regulations. The infographic below contains useful information about the new rules, which are designed to promote safety and enhance environmental protection.

As you can see from the image below, there are different requirements that come into play when using different appliances and applications. If you’re wondering whether your valve needs Gas Appliances Approval, you can follow the flow chart, answering yes or no the questions to find the answer. If your valve is not due to be used in service, it won’t need approval. If the aim is to put the valve into action, the intended use will impact individual requirements. If the valve is going to be used in an appliance that will be available for sale, a Gas Appliances Certification is required. Gas Appliances Regulation relates to valves that are designed for burning gaseous fuels. If the valve is used in other gas installations, it’s wise to check directives in your area, for example, European regulations.

There are new stipulations in place for providers of services, components and appliances, and it’s critical to be aware of the Gas Appliances Regulation. Use the handy infographic below to find answers to questions about compliance based on the appliances you have and whether you plan to use them for trade purposes or sell them. It is worth noting that there are exemptions, which are outlined in the GAR document.

Infographic Design By Tameson

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