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The Unexpected Benefits of Tracking Your Spending

It is very easy to lose control of your spending and end up with a lot of debt that will stress you out. Perhaps if you had kept track of what money you have coming in and what you spend your money on, this situation could have been avoided. You are not alone in this though. It seems that two-thirds of Americans do not bother to track what they are spending each month, and it is said to be the main reason for the huge amount of credit card debts that people in the US have.

Start afresh today. It is very easy to set yourself up a spreadsheet where you can list all your income and outgoings. You may be surprised, when you see it in black and white just how much money some things cost you.

Your Closets Will Be a Revelation

Just take a quick look in your closets, cupboards, and drawers and see how many things there are in them that you never wear or use. That is wasted money that you might not have spent if you had been tracking where it all goes.

It is too easy when you are out and about just to buy something for the sake of it, but when you start tracking your money the times you impulse buy will reduce dramatically.

All you are possibly doing is increasing the amount you owe on credit cards, which is not really your money at all. Although there are advantages to making purchases with credit cards, they only work if you pay off the balance in full each month.

Buying Online Can Be Cheaper

If there is something you really need you should look online before visiting a physical store. Online stores do not have the overheads of buildings and often can sell products at a lower price. Get yourself a digital wallet, and then your online buying will be even easier. If you have never had one before, look into the pros and cons of digital wallets, and you will soon realize that they can be very worthwhile. They’re especially good for tracking every penny you spend.

You Will Be Less Stressed

Knowing exactly where your funds are disappearing to each month can help to reduce the stress you may have over financial matters. It will make it much clearer if any money is being wasted that could be put towards your debts instead.  For instance, once you start listing the outgoings from your bank account you could discover something like an old gym subscription that is being taken every month, for a gym that is never used. Who knows what else you might come across, and you should be canceling anything like this at your bank straight away.

You Will Reach Your Goals with More Confidence

Each month you do this you will find the confidence in your financial affairs will grow. The feeling of being in control is a great way to get over the stress of financial problems, and tracking everything you spend is the first step toward it.