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Three Ways to Boost the Resale Value of Your Home

When people buy a house, they tend to do so for one of two reasons. On the one hand, they are simply buying a place to live. They will move in and enjoy the home that they have made their own, creating memories and building a life there.

On the other hand, they may be buying it as an investment – they’ll rent it out for a profit, or they’ll flip the home, renovating and selling within less than a year in many cases. By and large, these are the two main reasons that people buy houses.

None of this, though, is to say that your home buying needs to be one or the other. Buying a place to live doesn’t mean buying it forever, and you can always live in a house for years or even decades while always keeping in mind that you are going to sell it on one day, and intending for the price to be as good as possible when that day comes. It certainly places less of a stressful deadline on the remodelling process, after all! Below, we’ll look at ways you can make your house more like a home while also retaining the chance to make a profit.

Use the Home’s Natural Assets to Its Advantage

Every house has advantages and disadvantages placed upon it simply by virtue of where it is located. If you buy a house close to the city, for example, your commute will be shorter, but you may find it harder to find peace and quiet. When you move into a new home, there will be aspects of its location you will come to love. You should absolutely accentuate these when it comes to redeveloping.

This could mean that you add larger windows in the home if you have a particularly remarkable view from one side. If you live somewhere more rustic, then planting fruit trees will add to the rural idyll feel, while lakeside cottages will always benefit from their own jetty area and a mooring spot to dock a boat. These are things you’ll hopefully use yourself, but they’ll also boost resale value.

Modernize, No Matter the Location

We all have our idea of what makes for an idyllic life, and for many of us it includes splendid isolation in a country cottage, untroubled by the outside world. That’s great, for a time, but it’s only a blueprint for life in the minds of a small percentage of people. Eventually, people want their home comforts, and that inevitably means being connected. Bringing your home up to date, making it “smart”, and ensuring that anyone who should come to buy it one day can benefit from the same modernity, is just an intelligent way to ensure you get the most from it.

Go for an Open-Plan Feel

Open-plan structures are simply better for that positive feeling that is so essential in convincing potential buyers to fall in love with your home. They’re also better for a serene home environment (as long as you have doors and walls where needed, for privacy!). The simple fact of having a home that is open-plan can add as much as 5% to its eventual resale value – and if any future buyer wants to change it, that takes much less effort than the other way around, so you’re broadening your potential customer base.

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