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  • Nov. 09
  • Richard Parker

5 Ways to Change Your Career

Are you in a situation where your current job doesn’t pay enough, and you would like some extra money? Or a complete career change? It’s never too late to change careers or find a side job for some extra money, in fact by taking on an evening course you can do just that.

Depending on your interests, there are many courses you can take on which will allow you to experience something new and bring in some more money to the household; below are five ways you can do so.

Personal Training Qualification

If you love your sports and would like to try something completely different, you could look to enroll in a personal training course. A personal training course will teach you more about nutrition and the correct way to train people in the gym and fitness classes outside and it. Not only that, but if you enjoy training yourself, you will develop the knowledge to improve your own program and progress with your fitness ambitions.

Accounting Qualifications

If you enjoy maths and numbers are your thing, then an accounting qualification could be up your street. An AAT course will allow you to work within a practice helping with their finances as an accounts assistant. Once qualified with your first level AAT, you can develop and do a higher level until you train to be a fully qualified accountant. If you are looking for a new career, this is a great way to get started within the accounting world.

Graphic Design Courses

By training to be a graphic designer, you can unlock the door to many different career opportunities. If you enjoy the idea of branding, you could qualify to become an expert in that area; alternatively, if you are creative, you may enjoy becoming a logo designer. If you are unsure what area you would like to work in, you can always enroll in an online course and develop your knowledge before enrolling in a more time-consuming qualification.

Develop Your Knowledge as a Contractor

To become a licensed contractor, you need to pass a set of professional exams within your specialized trade. Doing so will enhance your knowledge and allow you to progress higher within a new company or the company you work with. This may not be a career change, but it will increase your earning potential. If you need some here preparing for this, be sure to check out a contractor exam prep.

Mortgage Advisor

If you enjoy real estate and enjoy helping people get on the property market, then you should look at qualifying as a mortgage advisor. You can do this through evening courses and then, once qualified, apply for a job with a company near you. If you aren’t interested in mortgages but still want to work in real estate, you can google some courses to help you get within that industry.

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