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5 Ways to Create a Passive Income

We are living in a very fortunate time, where technology is opening more doors than we ever thought would be opened for us. We can shop where we want when we want, and we can adjust our thermostats from our smartphones. The internet is a fantastic thing, and if you’re savvy about it, you’re going to be able to use the internet to your advantage.

How much money do you make in your job right now? Are you happy with the figure that just popped into your head? Earning money is easier than ever now that we have the internet. You can do it from anywhere in the world, and you can do pretty much anything to earn money. The internet and technology have advanced so much that there is now a digital currency that can be mined and invested in, and it’s not something everyone “gets”. However, an XRP purchase could be a considerable investment for you – whether via your business or personally. The best bit is that you can do that from your phone in your hand. Creating additional income may not be for everyone, but you can do it quickly, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Below, we’ve outlined five ways that you can create a passive income that will work for you in the background of your life.

  1. You could start by writing a book. You don’t have to publish this and have it in stores, not when an ebook is an option. Everyone has an expert subject, whether it’s Harry Potter or cryptocurrency. You can produce a book that will be a self-help guide to someone else and generate a steady income in sales. All you need to do is tie in what you know how to do with a gap in the market. Once you see that gap, you can slide in and offer a solution to those who are looking for it.
  2. The next way to create a passive income is to invest in peer to peer lending. This takes banks and loan companies out of the equation: it’s just you and the person borrowing from you. You earn more money because of the interest, and this is your passive income stream. At first, it may seem like you’re letting go of money, but you should remember that it comes right back to you with interest, which is everything!
  3. Affiliate marketing is growing massively in recent years, and you can become an affiliate with a program paying you in return for your recommendations. You funnel customers toward a company, and you earn money. You’ll find affiliate links all over social media today, with “swipe up” links on Instagram stories and Facebook being popular options.
  4. If you are running a content site such as YouTube, you can take advantage of AdSense. This is where relevant adverts are placed naturally on your website for people to click through. They won’t be plucked out of thin air, either. The ads are 100% related to your content, which means they’ll relate to your readers.
  5. If you have a steady hand and an eye for photography, you can really do well with your income by building a portfolio on a paid website. People can buy your prints, whether for online use or for their home. Stock photos are popular, and you can earn money this way with no hassle.

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