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What Makes a Car More Appealing?

Are you trying to add value to your car? Contrary to popular belief, cars don’t always depreciate as much as you might think. Yes, they are in a special category. They are works of art that double as tools. So unlike a painting which can look good as new 50 years after it was painted, a car won’t look the same; unless you kept it in a garage under a cloth. But that’s not reality and it probably isn’t why you have come looking for ways to add value to your car.

So here are some practical ways to do this without making it too obvious that you are looking for a payday or restoring the car from bad damage.

A Good Thorough Clean

If cleanliness is next to godliness then you should put your car through its paces when it comes to cleaning. A brand new car is pristine, clean in every area. But your car might have food crumbs in the seat folds, plastic wrappers underneath the seats, bits of leaves stuck on the mats, etc. so invest heavily in a professional car cleaning service that will truly clean every inch of your car inside and out.

They will polish the outside, give the leather inside a new lease of life and have that squeaky clean look and feel. Not to mention, they will also clear up or identify rust, they will also tell you where there are stains and possibly advise you to get a new lick of paint.

New Wheels and Tyres

Car tyres are kind of like shoes. They are an often overlooked part of the total package but they add so much value. Speak with someone at, and learn about the combinations of wheels and tyres they have. You can really add some style to your car by selecting wheels that match it’s paint scheme, body shape and style. Tyres are of course very important because they are the only parts of the car that touch the ground. So invest in tyres that have great tread patterns, depth and grip. You may want all seasons or run-flats, take your pick and add this to the list of improvements.

A Clean Bill of Health

Now onto the ticker. You need to invest in the engine to really cap things off. The engine should run smoothly at all rev ranges. Engines often go through cycles when they accelerate. If you feel like the car is jerking around as you go up through the gears, this isn’t something to worry about but it’s not satisfactory. You should take your car in for an engine check-up. Get it looked at by mechanics and talk about running smoother. They may advise different oils, different parts and cleaning options.

Who doesn’t want a nice clean ride, that is smooth and looks the part? You don’t have to do a lot to make a car’s value increase. Just don’t thrash it around.

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