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Adulting 101: Money Management

I’m not sure what people set their score of adulting by these days? Is it moving out of Home, getting married, starting your first job, or having kids maybe? However, one thing’s for sure to truly attain that bonafide adult status you need to have your money situation under control. Something that you can read more about in my post below.

Live Frugal from Day One

It can be very tempting to go and blow your first paycheck on something frivolous like designer sneakers, a new console, or even a big night out for all your mates. However, you may just be making thing harder for yourself in the long run.


This is because by starting off living frugally, you will be much more used to this as life goes on. Something that can allow you to save and invest a lot more and look after your longer-term financial future, instead of getting caught up in a cycle of monthly hand to mouth. Remember it’s hard to miss what you have never had, so start frugal for maximized money management!

It’s Never Too Early to Start Thinking of the Future

Next, even though you are young, it’s essential to grasp the concept that it is never too early to start thinking about your future, and when it comes to finances, your ultimate goal is retirement. What this means is that you need to be aware that every financial decision you make affects your ability to retire comfortably at the age you choose.

Therefore, it is essential that you not only seek out help from specialties like Miramontes Capital in formulating a retirement plan but also give some serious thought about when you want this to happen as well. After all, retirement always seems like its years away until it’s not, and you could be doing things right now that will make your future life much more satisfying.

Side Hustles Are a Great Idea

Also, don’t forget that setting up more than one income stream, especially if you do it early on can really help you get your financial life together. There are plenty to choose from as well, including many that revolve around your interests or hobbies, so it not even that tough to motivate yourself to do them!

Hold a Little in Reserve

Lastly, it never a good idea to go all the way up to your limits on your credit cards, or overdrafts. Similarly, it can be incredibly handy, and get you out of a tight jam quick if you have enough money set aside to cover things like a deposit and a months’ rent, the cost of your car repairs, or enough for a washing machine when yours decides to do an impromptu leak all over the floor!

What I’m saying here is don’t just live within your means but a little below with, because then you’ll have money left to deal with life’s little problems like an adult. Which are guaranteed to rear their head at some point!

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