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Driving Side Hustle Advice: The Perils of Rush Hour

If you are looking for ways to earn more money, then it is highly likely that you will, at some point, consider driving-related side hustles. If you own your own vehicle, the sheer number of ways to earn money by driving – from becoming a courier to driving for Uber – seem like viable choices.

These options are attractive not just for their flexibility, but in that they provide a way to make money that doesn’t require spending more hours in front of a computer – which is something of a rarity in the modern world.

However, if you decide to look for driving side hustles, there is an important factor to consider: rush hour – or, as is the case for most cities, rush hours. Between 8am and 10am, and then again between 4pm and 6pm, the roads will be busier than ever – and if you choose a side hustle that requires you to travel between these times, then you may encounter the following issues…

Excessive Exposure to Vehicle Fumes

It’s well-established that traffic fumes are harmful to human health, and the more time you spend on the road, the higher your exposure to these will be. Even if you keep your car windows firmly closed, the vents in your vehicle still allow these fumes to permeate the interior. Exhaust fume levels tend to rise and fall throughout the day and, as you might expect, they are at their highest during rush hour.

The Risk of Bigger Accidents

The more time you spend on the road, the higher your chances of experiencing an accident – this is true with any driving side hustle. However, if you are driving during rush hours, you will likely encounter larger vehicles such as vans and trucks, as these vehicles tend to make deliveries during business hours. This means you face a higher risk of getting into an accident with these vehicles, which is inherently problematic ; as Gray and White Law truck accident attorneys detail, accidents involving larger vehicles tend to be far more serious and complex than accidents involving two cars.

What Are the Solutions to These Problems?

Given the genuine risk to your health and well-being that driving during rush hour can pose, it is important to factor this consideration when choosing to drive to earn more money.

The most obvious answer to this solution is also the simplest: be cautious about the driving work you choose. Look for flexible work where you can control your schedule, then carefully choose your work time carefully. There are also plenty of driving side hustles that take place at night – such as delivering pizza – which naturally allow you to avoid the problems caused by rush hour.

In Conclusion

The risks that rush hour poses are very real, and should be avoided wherever possible. By picking the right side hustle, you can ensure you are not on the roads during the most troubling times of day. Such a choice allows you to earn the extra cash you need, without having to risk your health to do so – making it by far the best choice for you all round.

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