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5 Handy Apps for Moving Home

Moving home can be a stressful time if you don’t get yourself nice and organized. Thankfully, the world of tech is on our side when it comes to moving home. From moving checklists to decluttering and packing, check out these five apps for a real smooth move.


Unpakt is a fantastic platform to manage, plan, and book your move. You can use the app to create an inventory, find the right moving company, and organize your checklist. You can check out moving company reviews and perform price comparisons. You can also edit your inventory list with ease. Need to update your certificate of insurance info? No problem; you can also do this from the Unpakt app.

Moving Planner

The Moving Planner app allows you to plan your moving home checklist and get your moving chores organized. Moving Planner includes a pre-set list of 210 plus items so that you can customize your checklist with ease. It’s simple to input each box’s contents, so it’s easier to keep track when you move. A few of the app features include measurement input (such as volume or weight), fast navigation, cloud syncing, a section for notes, and the option to unhide or hide items. Using the Moving Planner app, it’s simple to rearrange categories and items, and edit your list using your computer device.


When you’re preparing for a house move, you’ll also need to get things nice and clean. Using the Spotless app, you can improve your cleaning regime, and get your chores done faster. Spotless is a self-described ‘household task manager’ to help you get organized. Using the app, you can arrange your home into different categories and create a customizable list for each. To ditch the clutter before your move and get things looking spotless, this is just the app you need! Let’s face it, cleaning isn’t the most fun job in the world, but with the Spotless app, you can get your cleaning chores done in a flash.


Need to sell some of your unwanted items before you move? The Wallapop app makes the process super simple. All you have to do is snap a photo, upload it, and create your listing. The app has plenty of selling categories available, including books, sports equipment, vintage clothes, furniture, electronics, video games, bikes, and more. When you sell items on Wallapop, you’ll be going green, making money, and ensuring a clutter-free move. (You won’t want to take any clutter with you to a brand new place)! Once the clutter is gone it’s far easier to create a luxury home.

It’s advisable to declutter and pack up early; this way, you’ll be able to get an early quote from your moving company, and factor it in with your budget. Perhaps you need to ship a car to another state or location? If so, be sure to check out Ship a Car Direct for some top quality services. They can offer a range of affordable options, and plenty of experience and expertise.

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