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The Best, Subtle Ways to Advertise Your Products

Being subtle about your marketing efforts is something a lot of businesses these days have forgotten how to do. They’re often upfront about their advertising message, or they’re far too transparent with what they’re posting on Twitter to try and fit in. And when you think about it, these methods often work against whatever company is trying and failing to successfully employ them.

And that’s not something you want for a startup you believe in. All in all, you need some brilliant ways to brand your business, and get your products out there to the masses. And honestly? The subtle, yet creative ways, have the most leg work for you. Here’s just a couple of the best for you to think about.

By Making the Customer Curious

You do this by challenging what they already know – or as you’ll put it, what they think they already know. Make them question the kinds of products they already use; let them get to thinking whether they’ve got the best quality on the market, or if they could upgrade with a product that looks a little like yours… Use open ended adverts, and phrases that leave a lot to the imagination, to make sure this kind of message goes through.

Via Their Own Labels

The products you sell need to be aesthetically pleasing. They need to be something a customer finds nice to look at, and would be proud to own, whether it be the shape of the packaging, the color of what’s inside, or simply just the label on the front of the bottle. And labels can be incredibly powerful advertising tools.

There’s a lot of thought that goes into designing labels, and no two are made the same, no matter what a customer might think. And by using some professional Product Labeling Services, you’re going to find it a lot easier to brainstorm, create, and then strategically place the label you know is going to catch a customer’s eye.

By Adding a Bigger Price Tag

Sure, people like a bargain. But when it comes down to it, they like to have quality on their hands as well. If someone is offered a t-shirt that only costs a couple of dollars, and then is shown the same t-shirt in another part of the store, but this time it costs a couple more dollars, they’re going to wonder if the more expensive item is better made. If it’s better made, surely it’s going to last longer, and look better on them, right?

So, customers want to know that what they’re buying is going to be worth it, and one of the best ways to convince them of that is to raise the price of the product you’re selling. And especially if you have competitors with similar things to sell – create a discussion, and a bit of curiosity, by being just a little more pricey.

Do you need some more subtle marketing on your side? Your business might very well thank you for it.

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