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What Are the Biggest Sources of Downtime for Your Business?

We all have to deal with the fact that there will be some lost time when running a business. It’s all part of the game. However, you don’t have to simply accept it and let it be, not when it can lead to major disruptions and loss of potential revenue. If you think that your downtime problem is getting too much to bear, then here are some of the sources you need to cut at the root.

Network Outages

As much as we all seem to rely on the internet, it seems to constantly be letting us down. When it comes to IT downtime, in particular, it is thought to account for over half of all instances in total. Finding a more reliable provider is recommended where possible, but you can also secure backup internet connections for your business. If a connection goes down or simply gets much slower than it should be, it could be as simple as reminding everyone to switch to the backup.

Accidental Data Deletion

Human error is also amongst the leading causes of downtime, with one of the biggest errors of all being the deletion of data that is necessary for core processes. Cloud storage is a reliable backup for when data is lost accidentally, and practically essential for any business that relies on data. Other human error issues include a lack of routine maintenance, an unplugged power cord, forgetting a password, and so on.

Power Cuts and Interruptions

They don’t have to happen frequently to become a major risk. If your business, like many others, relies on IT or electric-powered equipment to function, then a power cut can lead to hours or even a day or more of lost time, setting you back from your goals majorly. Backup power sources, like gensets, are amongst the best ways to get you back up and running. A backup generator should get your power restored in seconds.

Security Crises

If your IT team is doing their job, then they will start to lock down the workplace as soon as they believe they need to, in the event of a security event, such as a hacker’s intrusion or the discovery of malware that isn’t caught by your cybersecurity software. However, this is a much better alternative to losing access because all of your data and apps are being held behind the threat of ransomware.

Application Errors

Are you using an application that simply refuses to work, no matter what you do? Perhaps there’s an issue with the install and you need to the redownload it from scratch, or perhaps the latest update messed it up for all users. Whatever the issue, it’s important to ensure you have backup applications that can help you take care of the processes you need to. Be ready to identify your other options in the event that you lose the tools you usually use to work.

It’s not likely you will ever be able to make your business 100% downtime free. However, you always aim to optimise and get back what time you can.

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