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Hey Busy Bee, Don’t Forget to Take Some Time to Chill!

Like the busy worker bee, you’re an industrious and productive individual. You live, breathe eat and sleep your job, your career or your business. When you go for a coffee, you’re scribbling ideas on your napkin. When you take a bath you’re listening to podcasts or audiobooks on business. You brainstorm new ideas in your sleep and rethinking business paradigms while you work out. You’re a testament to the indomitable nature of the human spirit, and you’re reaping the rewards in the prestige and value you bring to your enterprise.

Still, as admirable as this is, even you need some downtime. Some time to relax and rest your body and mind. If you don’t take the time to do this, the sad truth is that you will burn out. Still, it’s not just enough to take time off every once in a while… It’s important to use your time off well. Here are some activities which will see that you return to your desk refreshed, restored and raring to go…

Spend a Couple of Days by the Beach

Who doesn’t love spending time by the beach? There’s a real sense of celebration and enjoyment about spending time besides the sea which takes us back to the happy memories of our childhood where we applied out nascent ingenuity to the bucket and spade. Rent out a beachfront property for a few days and take the time for some long and soulful walks on the beach. Check out this link to find out more about real estate and beach rentals. The sight, sound and smell of the sea can have a profoundly relaxing and restorative effect that will see you return to your office transformed!

Go Camping and / or Hiking

It can be hard to switch off when you’re tethered to your life and your work by your cell phone… So go somewhere with terrible reception. Or better yet don’t even take it with you. Take yourself on a camping trip along with a long meandering hike through the woods. Spend some time in the natural world amidst grass, trees, plants, flowers and wildlife. Proximity to nature is a proven stressbuster and a perfect antidote to spending most of your time in busy, hectic, noisy and stressful major conurbations.


Yes, it feels silly at first. Yes, it takes time to become relaxing and intuitive. Yes, it takes even longer before you’re able to make a habit of it. Nonetheless, research demonstrates that meditation is great for entrepreneurs. Mindfulness meditation is extremely effective in resting the mind, managing stress and helping busy people to calm their minds and order their thoughts.

Do Something Creative

If you find it difficult to be sedentary, but still need a relaxing and rewarding pursuit for your free time, try channeling your energies into something creative. It doesn’t matter if it’s painting, drawing, music, sculpting, acting, dancing or anything whatsoever, expressing yourself artistically can be a great outlet that relaxes all the right parts of your mind while also keeping you productive and stimulated.

It’s great that you’re so busy and productive… But even you need to take some time to chill every once in a while.

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