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2 Reasons to Live as a Digital Nomad

The internet has a bad rep from time to time; with people hooked to their phones at the dinner table, and a growing obsession of using social media. In juxtaposition to this, it also has something extremely cool to offer people in the world who crave financial independence and love/want to travel. The internet, coupled with your laptop, and mobile, allows you to become a digital nomad.

Working remotely means no ties to an office and sitting at the same desk everyday working yourself senseless to afford your next vacation. And even then, when you consider 25 days holiday or so out of a whole year, it isn’t quite enough for you to feel as though you’ve immersed fully into a different country and culture in the limited time you have to travel.

If you’re not yet convinced of becoming a digital nomad, here are 2 reasons you should seriously consider taking the plunge.

Online Opportunities

Businesses worldwide desire for remote professionals is growing. This is due to several factors, primarily one of them being that it’s more cost-effective to hire remote workers than cater to an in-house team.

If you’re considering self-employment as an alternative to your current lifestyle, here are just a few jobs you could take up, to secure your dream of becoming a digital nomad and exploring the world while you work.

  • Blogger
  • Web designer
  • Photographer
  • Artist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Streamer
  • Personal Assistant
  • Business Consultant

These are just a few of the roles available for you to launch a career online. Of course the more expertise and knowledge on a particular area you have the better. If you don’t have these skills, get creative and think about what experience and knowledge you have to offer to conjure your own web business.

Price of Freedom

Without the need for a permanent abode, this has many advantages in itself. You can sell up your property if you wish, bag the savings, or invest some of it in a custom built RV, to give you the luxury of a residence, with the freedom of mobility and without the weight and overheads of a permanent property sapping your income. Living a more minimal lifestyle with fewer belongings as you travel, will also mean fewer things to pay for and maintain. Beyond these benefits, you’re free to roam the world, so long as check into a wifi spot when needed to get your work done.

For those who are solo, with little to no commitments, it may be easier for you to pack up and leave without causing any upheaval in your current life. However, this doesn’t mean that people with responsibilities can’t dip their toes into the life of a digital nomad. There are families as we speak, travelling together, with their children in toe, from continent to continent, making a passive income through blogging and other online means to afford their chosen lifestyle. So whatever your circumstances, being a digital nomad is possible, and completely worth considering if you love the prospect of selling your things, and uprooting your life for a never-ending world trip.

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