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“Frame” Your Perspective: Seeing the Bigger Picture

One of the biggest challenges in business is to see the bigger picture. We can get bogged down with the minutiae of running a business that we start to view each fraction as one small component, rather than seeing how it all fits together. When we are trying to run a business with so many moving parts, we have to learn how to see the bigger picture.

While this is easier said than done, what are some of the key strategies?

Identifying the Actionable First Steps

Big picture = big goal! And this is something that can be overwhelming. If we ever have a big goal, we might find ourselves procrastinating until we choose the initial steps. When you are looking to build from a small business to a bigger one, such as a medium-sized enterprise, identifying the small components that you can tackle will give you a far better sense of achievement. One of the best things you can do if you feel overwhelmed by the almighty task of it is to outsource. When you look at something like your technology, there’s such a wide variety of resources when it comes to IT outsourcing for enterprise companies, that it doubles up as getting the relevant help. But will also help you to take one item off your list. In order to get to this point, you’ve got to come up with actionable first steps.

A Problem Shared…

This is certainly an overstated component but when you are struggling to see the bigger picture, it’s always a good idea to have someone that you can bounce ideas off of. You may be someone that is isolated to an extent. You being in the office by yourself is not always productive, especially if you are the sole person in charge of the business. But when you are in a management position, buddying with someone else that either reports to you, or someone who is looking for the opportunity to step up gives you someone else to bounce ideas off. In addition, it gives them ownership over the conclusions that you have come up with together. In addition, it creates focus and clarity but it also gives you an extra perspective.

Breaking Down the Bigger Picture Into Specific Goals

Even the biggest most successful entrepreneurs can find themselves overwhelmed by the bigger picture. Partly, you need to stop thinking about it as a pressurized situation which isn’t easy. But what you can do is break down your big picture into smaller and specific goals that make them more actionable. When you start to break them down into something more manageable, it is going to give you a far better perspective over what you need to do and also gives you control over the situation. You need to identify each specific goal and tick that one off. When you have ticked every single one off, you have reached the end goal and completed the bigger picture. For example, if you are looking to get funding, you can break this down into smaller components like the business plan and identify the likely organizations to give you funding. But then you can break down these components even further, and so on, until you have minuscule tasks to complete.

Small, stable, and steady, the bigger picture doesn’t need to overwhelm you.

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