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Faking It: How to Be More Confident in Any Situation

Whether you want to make changes to start living a new life or are unhappy with small aspects of your situation, there is always a way to make effective adjustments. Many guys don’t talk about it, but confidence can often hold them back from becoming The Guy they always wanted to be. This can have a severe impact on your happiness and success, yet you can’t make immediate changes overnight. What you can do, however, is fake it, so here are a few ways you can feel confident in any situation even when you’ve only just begun.

Look Like You Belong Anywhere

Have you ever attended an event or walked into work and felt horribly underdressed? You probably have, and there are few things worse than feeling like you don’t belong. The best way to change this is to completely reconsider how you dress for any occasion. You don’t need to invest in a three-piece suit and wear it to every event, but you can think about what looks good and rebuild your wardrobe from there.

A useful little hack is to pick versatile clothes that find the perfect balance between formal and casual, meaning you can get away with wearing anything in your wardrobe and always look like you belong.

Work Out a Workout Routine

You already know how beneficial exercise can be, but people still prefer to live a sedentary lifestyle, where the only walking they do is heading to the car before driving to the supermarket (which is just five minutes down the road, by the way).

You also already know that this is a problem. But, getting into a fitness routine is intimidating. Whether you want to build muscle by lifting weights or improve conditioning with running, finding an exercise routine that works for you is essential. It is tricky to establish consistency, but once you do, you’ll immediately feel more confident.

Always Have Something to Talk About

It feels like some people can – and will – talk all day long about whatever topic pops into their heads, but not everyone has this gift. If this sounds familiar, you can always consider phone topics to talk about, which you can also use in real life, to keep the conversation flowing with friends and people you’ve only just met.

If you’ve ever worried you’re not interesting enough, this is a great way to build conversation skills. You can rely on these topics at first, and soon enough, you’ll develop the skills you need to carry a conversation with anyone.

Have Goals and Actively Work Towards Them

Understanding why it is so important to set goals is the first step towards having the right goals in front of you. It’s not enough to merely have these goals, though. You need to know how you will achieve them.

You might want to write a book, but this won’t happen if you never sit down and try to write. So, find a way to bring your goals into your everyday life. If you have something to aim for, you’ll make yourself more interesting to everybody.

Made It

Although you may feel you’re faking it at first, your attitude and actions will eventually morph into something genuine. Soon enough, you won’t be faking it anymore. Instead, you’ll have the skills and confidence that you always wanted for yourself. And plenty of people will notice, too.

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