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Men’s Business Wardrobe Tips

The impression you give to the world will impact how you are perceived. Think about the impression you want to leave potential clients and customers with. A well-dressed man has a better chance of being taken seriously, so it’s important to have a wardrobe that will represent the image you want.

In order to have a well-rounded wardrobe, you need to have a range of colors and textures. So what do you need in your wardrobe to give an incredible impression?

Much of the business world is a cross between business casual and completely casual. Some of the highest earners in their field will often have old and well-worn jeans, pairs with converse trainers but with a nod to their personal style with Gitman Vintage shirts. Simple, personal, and comfortable.

Dress Shirt

Most likely, you could get through life without a shirt depending on the industry you are in, but from time to time, if you want to make a good impression, it can be worth having a good shirt in your collection.

A custom shirt is the best option unless you find that off the rack fits you perfectly – and it does for many. You can pick up a few dress shirts in different colors since they can change how a suit looks and the seriousness of the occasion.

Oxford Shoes

Trainers are both comfortable and functional, but Oxford shoes will elevate the look entirely if you go for a slicker upscale look. For a hybrid and yet still slick look, go for Chelsea boots. They can be as comfortable as trainers but are dressy enough for more formal occasions.

No matter the material of your shoes, you should make sure they are cleaned and shined at all times – one of the first things people notice is your shoes. So remember that before you head into a big meeting!


The little details are some of the most important for an outfit. And your socks, while you might not pay much attention to them, can often be seen. When you sit, or even as you walk, your socks will show. You can match them to your tie, or you can go for something a little surprising.

Socks are one of the items that show you care about all of the details of your outfit and don’t compromise anywhere.

Sport Coat

You won’t always want to put in a suit for work. You want to be a little more relaxed from time to time, and since most of the time you can wear a hoodie if you are client-facing, a sport coat can be a nice in-between.

Pairing a sport coat with slacks is a fun way to change things up from time to time. It will enable you to get a unique style without

Tailored sport coats are available that will fit you perfectly and emphasize all of your most outstanding features. They’ll be ideal for a late-night work meeting or an evening out with customers.

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